If you're a closet Pokemon fan and want to subtly show your love, or if it's just always been a fantasy of yours to cosplay every single day to work without anyone knowing, we have the perfect solution for you! A fashion designer by the name of shoelacekid has created dozens of fashionable outfits inspired by our favorite Pokemon characters. Here are some of our favorites!

1. Dewgong

2. Gastly


4. Hitmonchan

5. Likitung

6. Tangela

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7. Jynx

8. Electabuzz

9. Magikarp

10. Eevee

11. Jolteon

12. Mewtwo

13. Bayleef

14. Richu

15. Igglybuff

16. Togepi

17. Sunflora

18. Shuckle

19. Slugma

20. Corsola

And some of the sets have male versions too, so you know what that means! My favorite thing in this world: Couple's outfits!

21. Meowth for Women

22. Meowth for Men

23. Slowbro for Women

24. Slowbrow for Men

I pretty much want every single one of these outfits! I know what I'll be asking for for Christmas! You can check out more HERE.

Which ones would you wear? Comment below!