Here at DramaFever we are gearing up for B1A4's Road Trip—Ready? tour! The boys' first stop will be here in NYC, followed by Chicago, Dallas, and San Francisco. Other than singing, four of the five members have taken on acting in some form, so let's see where they measure up. Here are 4 dramas to gear you up to see the group during the US stops of their tour!

1. I Need A Fairy: In this 2012 drama about an angel mother and daughter who come to earth, CNU held a reoccurring role as Shi Woo, an aspiring singer who was in a love triangle with two school friends, Cha Na Ra and Heo Young Saeng.

2. She Is Wow: In 2013, this show was full of the drama surrounding a "show couple" as an announcer and actress started dating to improve their public image. Jinyoung was featured as Gong Min Kyu, the troublemaker son of the couple who returns to Korea after being kicked out of his school in the US.

3. Answer Me 1994: Last year Baro was part of the ensemble cast in Answer Me 1994, a spin-off off the popular Answer Me 1997 series. His character, Binggeure, was a quirky and awkward college student who was trying to figure out life along with the rest of the kids at the boarding house.

What happens when six young strangers move into a mysterious boarding house? Watch Boarding House No. 24 to find out

4. God's Gift—14 Days: Not to shy away from a challenge, Baro also starred in this year's God's Gift - 14 Days as Ki Young Gyu, an adopted boy with the mentality of a six year old. Baro was originally supposed to play the role of Byung Tae, but, as quoted by Newsen, "I wanted the role for Young Gyu as soon as I saw the script. I kept telling the director I wanted to do it no matter what. To be honest, I think the director was worried, seeing as how he asked me, 'You're an idol, so would that be okay?' However, I really liked Young Gyu."

Not to be outdone, Sandeul has also taken on acting, but he prefers to take roles in musicals rather than dramas. To date, he has been part of the productions for Brothers Were Brave, as Lee Joo Bong (pictured), and the stage version of The Thousandth Man

That just leaves Gongchan without any acting roles past their music videos. As the maknae (youngest), I think he would actually do well as the lighthearted relief character in a serious melodrama, like a younger brother character, similar to what JB played in When A Man Loves or the role Hoon played in Pretty Man. He would also be good in an ensemble cast, similar to Baro's character in Answer Me 1994. Watch their video for "Solo Day" below and look for the "Flower Boy Vagabond" with the dog to spot him!

Tickets are still available for all four stops of their tour, which you can find by clicking HERE.

I look forward to seeing the NYC fans at the Best Buy Theatre on Friday. Stop me and say hello! What do you think of B1A4? Are you going to see them on tour? What's you favorite album or song? Let me know everything in the comments below or tweet @Hallyu_Tanya!