Sometimes starting a new show is a risky endeavor that can end up in disappointment. But you don't have to be much of a risk-taker at all with Love Me If You Dare because this show is 100% sure to satisfy your summer desire for a roller-coaster ride of thrills, chills, and romance! So pop your popcorn and get ready to get a little scared (in a good way), because Love Me If You Dare is going to keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end, and leave you breathless in between! Here are 5 reasons why:

1. The amazing acting of Wallace Huo, Sandra Ma, and Wang Kai

Love Me If You Dare is the Chinese drama that really got me into Chinese dramas. And it was in no small part due to the amazing acting between the three main leads of the show. These three, in a love triangle as old as time, sizzled on screen together. I mean, turn on the air-conditioning hot! This show also has the honor of being the one that started a rabbit-hole obsession for me with Wang Kai, including me watching Ode to Joy (coming to DramaFever on July 27!), Ode to Joy 2, Stay With Me, and of course my beloved When a Snail Falls in Love. And despite Wallace Huo's own obsession with fish in this show, he is no cold fish himself. I lost more than one weekend to binging Imperial Doctress just trying to get a Wallace Huo fix after this show ended. And Sandra Ma's character is an amazing mix of steely and vulnerable that makes the leads, and us, easily fall for her! I really can't say enough about these three together!

2. The story

Good characters + good story = happiness! Wallace Huo plays Simon, a genius criminal psychologist and profiler who has returned to China to recuperate after a traumatic event. Sandra Ma plays Jenny, a recent graduate who is hired as his assistant. Together, the two of them eventually find that they make a pretty killer pair of crime-solvers. But as their relationship deepens, so do the dangers looming on the horizon, especially when an elusive, mysterious killer begins to taunt Simon and his friends, and seems to know far too much about Simon's traumatic and deadly past. Wang Kai plays a police officer and childhood friend to Jenny, and Yin Zheng plays Simon's best friend and goofy tech wizard. The show is a mix of crime procedural, creepy ambient thrill ride, and awesome love story. It is the perfect summer treat!

3. The side characters

Since the show is about Wallace Huo's character tracking down an elusive killer who seems to be a ghost from Huo's own past, everybody is a friend one minute and a suspect the next. From Simon's best friend to even his sister, there isn't anyone who might not be involved. The constant threat looming from the murderer stalking Simon makes this a delicious uncertainty, and when they aren't acting suspicious, all the side characters are also pretty funny and amazing to watch. This show really makes use of everyone, which means no screen time is wasted!

4. The chemistry

Oh man, Wallace Huo and Sandra Ma are so awesome together. I know I sort of already said this, but seriously, every scene they are in is just totally fun to watch. And Sandra Ma's Jenny is no shrinking violet in the face of murder, or arrogant but brilliant criminal psychologists. Fighting, Jenny!

5. The bad guy

This dude is SO not good. And he's got connections, skills, and a serious wish to match mental wits with Wallace Huo's Simon. It is one big game of cat and mouse throughout the show, only who the cat is, and who the mouse is, sometimes it isn't as clear as it should be! 

(not posting a bad guy pic because that would be one epic spoiler! So here is more Wallace Huo gorgeousness!)

Okay, well, even if I didn't convince you to watch this show, I just totally convinced myself to re-watch this again this weekend! Go, me! 

Why are you excited to watch Love Me If You Dare

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Love Me If You Dare - 他来了请闭眼

Starring Wallace Huo and Sandra Ma

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