Are You Human Too? Finally premieres tonight and we can’t be more thrilled to watch this. Here are five reasons why you should tune in tonight, and some of them come from the actors themselves like Seo Kang Joon, Park Hwan Hee, and Kim Sung Ryong.

1. ‘Are You Human Too?’ is a multi-genre TV show

“‘Are You Human Too?’ can be classified in many genres: romance, comedy, action, thriller, and drama. It’ll make you so nervous that your palms sweat, but it’ll also make you blush and your heart flutter,” Kang Joon explained at last Thursday’s press conference, adding that there are many more reasons to get stoked to watch this new drama.

2. ‘Are You Human Too?’ crowdsourced its OSTs

Music producer Kang Dong Yoon of Descendants of the Sun and Moonlight Drawn by Clouds and the ‘Are You Human Too?’ production team opened the gates to find the original soundtracks. Out of the 700 songs submitted, they liked composer Jin Hyo Jung’s ‘Please Tell Me’ the best. Singer Kim Na Young covered the song, which was accompanied by the Prague Symphony Orchestra. You can get a glimpse of it in So Bong’s (Gong Seung Yeon) character teaser video above.

3. This show is brought to you by the top talents in the industry

The screenwriter and producers of ‘Are You Human Too?’ are the best of the best. Goblin: The Lonely and Great God, The Joseon Gunman, Uncontrollably Fond, and The Princess's Man are some of the K-dramas they worked on.

4. It tells a story of true love

“‘Are You Human Too?’ deals with many faces of love: love for parents, friends, a lover, and so on. I hope you experience what true love looks like through this drama,” Park Hwan Hee elaborated at the press conference.

5. Dr. Aurora isn’t your typical K-drama mother

“It was refreshing to play Aurora, who loves her own son Shin as well as the other son Nam Shin 3,” Kim Sung Ryong recalled. “Later in the show, Aurora must choose between the robot and her human son. Please stay tuned for that.”

Who’s excited for the Are You Human Too? premiere tonight? Please let us know in the comments below!

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