Road signs are meant to be clear and easily understood by all, not unclear and confusing. But some traffic officials in Japan didn't get the memo, as shown by some crazy road signs from around Japan that seem to make absolutely no sense.

Road signs are put up for a reason: to give instructions and warnings to pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers on how to proceed so that accidents resulting in injuries — and even death — can be prevented. Speed limits, curves ahead, and children crossing are all on road signs represented by numbers and figures understood by all. So if what the road sign is meant to tell you can't be figured out, it's not only problematic; it can be deadly! But sometimes, the signs can end up being pretty funny. Below are some confusing and hilarious road signs from Japan.

1. How many times are you supposed to stop on the way to your neighbor's house?

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2. Watch out for elders watching you drive??

3. Beautiful women in this vicinity. Crawl!

4. No crawling

5. 1st sign - Yakitori Matsuyoshi take the first left

2nd sign- No left turns allowed

6.I have no idea