Who doesn't love that moment in a K-drama when one of the characters finally has enough courage to confess their feelings to the other? Sometimes it's funny, other times it's the most romantic thing you've ever seen, and other times it's clouded over by the sad circumstances in their lives. Even so, it's the moment we wait at the edge of our seats for and often the moment we find ourselves with a ridiculous ear-to-ear grin plastered on our faces. 

This list is not a list of our favorite kiss scenes, although they do often include a kiss — this list is judged on the emotions conveyed to the other character about their true feelings. 

1. Sensory Couple

Without giving away any spoilers for those who haven't watched this fantastic series yet, I'll say this love confession is exactly the type of love confession that one would wish for. A boyfriend who loves doing dishes, who likes folding laundry, and who wants you to stand by him because you make him a better person. There's even a back hug and a front hug. I love these two together!

2. Falling in Love with Soon Jung

Kang Min Ho is honest and direct in his love confession. There is no awkward "I'm not really sure how to tell you I like you" moment. He just goes for it. It's perfect! Add to that the fact that he was a very unlikable person who has become a very good person because of the one he loves...and an amazing kiss to top it all off. One of my favorites of the year. 

3. A Divorce Lawyer in Love

From two people who went from hating each other to falling in love, this scene shows how far this couple has come. They finally realize that they are both available and that both parties are interested. The cross examination in the court room to determine whether Ko Cheok Hee has feelings for him was adorable, and passionate kiss scenes in a courtroom are always a good thing!

4. Hyde, Jekyll and I

This is probably the funniest love confession I've seen. When in doubt, use puppets to express emotions that are hard to address. Not only is there a puppet kiss in this scene, but a real kiss too. Definitely worth watching a few times over. 

5. Healer

Here is the most perfect love confession without a single word being said. This kiss, seriously, so good! It's the type that you'll rewind and rewatch over and over, wishing you were in the scene. After saving Chae Young Shin from a possible horrible elevator death, he confesses his feelings without being able to say anything so that his superhero identity can be preserved. 

6. Blood

He wants to become human for her. She doesn't care whether he is human or not. A love confession of the best kind where there is love with no conditions. These two characters are seriously socially awkward people, so seeing them come together and find each other in this adorable way is so much fun to watch. 

7. Jeju Island Gatsby

Although not strictly a love confession, I'll call this a pre-love confession. Baek Gun Woo goes out of his way to help Lee Jung Joo achieve her dream, and although he doesn't realize he is falling in love with her quite yet, his actions are proving that his heart and his head are in different places. I can't wait to see their official love confession. 

8. Orange Marmalade

Another hilarious pseudo-love confession. Baek Ma Ri has imposed a strict policy of self isolation to keep people away from her. It clearly doesn't make her happy, but it's necessary to protect those around her. Enter Jung Jae Min, who is clearly smitten with her. This scene is adorable, and cute and proves that the relationship between these two is going to be so much fun to watch. 

9. Pinocchio

One of my favorite love confessions ever! Despite the seemingly insurmountable obstacles this couple has to face, they cannot hide or stop their feelings of love for each other. If they can get through what they have been through together and still be holding on to one another, nothing can stop their love. 

If you had to pick one of these to be the way your love confessed to you, which would it be? I like Kang Min Ho's confession from Falling in love with Soon Jung. Honest, direct, and still utterly romantic.