Did you know Taiwanese singer-actor Aaron Yan wrote a new song by using the melody from American singer Pink's "I Don't Believe You"?  The result is a lovely ballad about lost love. Pink has said that "I Don't Believe You" is her favorite song from her Funhouse album, and it's wonderful that Aaron loves it too. We have the MVs from the two artists for you to enjoy and appreciate the similarities and differences.

In case you haven't heard Pink's "I Don't Believe You," here it is:

Aaron's song is titled "Maybe You Still Love Me." The germination of his song came after a heart-wrenching personal loss.

Aaron was filming a drama (Alice In Wonder City), and the weight of that particular role affected his mood. At that time, Aaron was feeling the pressure of a challenging and emotional role while experiencing a breakup of his own personal relationship. When he heard Pink's song, his emotions deeply resonated with Pink's plea for a lover not to walk away. He decided to pen his own words to the gentle melody as a way to express his own inner struggle and vulnerability. His song "Maybe You Still Love Me" is included in his second solo album released in 2012.

Here's the official MV of "Maybe You Still Love Me."  After that, I'm including a fan-made video that has the English translations. I thought about translating the song myself, but it's really better for the feels to be able to understand the words as he's singing.

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Now the fan-made video with English subs:

Pink reportedly has said that "I Don't Believe You" is her favorite from her Funhouse album, but ironically, it is the song with the lowest charting among the 6 singles from the album. She should be glad to know that Aaron's version had a great reception, and he even started to sing her song and his song in the same performance. 

Here's a live recording of Aaron singing "I Don't Believe You" as well as "Maybe You Still Love Me" during a performance in Hong Kong in 2013.

Is there any more doubt that music is the universal language of love?  And, love stays in the heart even when the lover is gone.