Jaejoong’s  airport fashion is hands down the best! I was totally possessed collecting photos of Jaejoong just now! You don’t understand; I was literally like “wellll I could get away with making this a 100 pic post, like who’s going to even notice (-_-). Don’t judge me ok?! I can’t help it that JJ is pure perfection, he can’t even help it. It’s probably too much for him at times which is why he takes random photos of the corners of his apartment. So, ok, controlling my inner fan girl and taking my front row seat at Incheon airport, let’s just start scrolling! Back during the days the boys (TVXQ/DBSK) were all together, here JJ is with his perfect hair, and perfect shaped glasses that frame his perfectly shaped small face. Don’t you just wanna reach out and touch him? *pets him but not in a creepy way* Jaejoong   Diva with his Louie Vuitton bag, and tailored black blazer. Shout out to Yoochun, Junsu, Changmin, and Yunho all looking “normal” in the background. Ha! Jaejoong airport Who here is a fan of layering? Doesn’t JJ just do it so well?! Ugh plus that zebra neck pillow is the whole world, he probably drooled on it. Notice how he just stands out from the crowd too. #JaejoongShinesLikeTheFreakinSun Jaejoong airport 2 Ugh! Can he just shut up right now! I mean he is just everything and a bag full of goodies in those hoodies!! Jaejoong airport 3 However this is funny, but doesn’t he remind you of that popsicle in this outfit?!  The rocket red white and blue popsicle!! HaHa! Jaejoong airport 4 Don’t even lie; you would totally miss your flight if you saw JJ walking through the airport. I’m not afraid, I admit I’d miss my flight, I wouldn’t even remember I had a flight, I wouldn’t even know where I was because he has that kind of power. Jaejoong airport 6 I just really, really want his bag and neck pillow. That bag is just so great, think of all the things it could hold. I wanna go shopping with Jaejoong, it’s one of my dreams in life.   Jaejoong Airport 7 He would make the hottest cat burglar ever. This photo is the proof. Jaejoong airport 8 The sad thing is JJ is so hot that even with a surgical mask, if you didn’t know what his face looked like you’d still stare and be all like “that guy is so freakin hot o.m.g look at that surgical mask!” Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 2.01.36 PM   These aren’t airports, these are Jaejoong’s personal fashion runways.   Jaejoong airport 10 KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE