Actor Baek Sung Hyun, who loves the sea, entered the naval education and training command in Jinhae, Gyeongsang province, on Jan. 2, 2018. He will serve in the marines for 23 months. On New Year’s Day, the actor had a goodbye party in Jinhae with family, friends, and Sidus coworkers, News1 reported.

“I’m enlisting at such an old age that it feels awkward to comment about,” Baek Sung Hyun told News1. “I’ve been having send-off parties for two months since I announced my plan to enlist. A lot of people called me. Right now I just want to join the navy already.”

The Voice actor wanted to become a marine for a reason. He says, “I love the sea. So I wanted to apply for a position where I can serve by the seaside. Then I discovered navy police and applied.”

In November, Baek shared the news that he’d be serving as a naval police officer. He said on Instagram, “Starting in 2018, I’ll protect the sea of Korea and return healthy when I’m done.”

Baek has already got visitors lined up at his marine base. “The Voice members recently had a reunion. Jae Wook hyung said he’d come visit. Sung Joon and Ji Yeon from Mojito said they’d come as well … They’re so busy though, I don’t know if I’ll actually get to see them.”

Baek is optimistic that the fans won’t forget about him though. “After I enlist, the film Bittersweet Brew premieres, and the pre-made drama Mojito will soon be released too. I expect the break won’t feel as long because of these two.”

Baek Sung Hyun first got his name out there as a child actor in Stairway to Heaven. It’s a coincidence that he reunited with Park Shin Hye, who also starred in Stairway to Heaven as a child actor, in Doctor Crush.

Lastly, Baek Sung Hyun told News1 that when he returns from the navy, he wants to become a vouched actor. “I got to star in a play before enlisting, and I fell in love with the stage. It was meaningful that someone would come to the play to watch me. When I return, I want to be the actor people want to watch. I’ll grow and return mature.”

Please stay safe and healthy. We’ll be waiting for you, Baek Sung Hyun!

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