E5 Throwdown kfangurl: Ok, the awesome. THE AWESOME, ladies. Cherry Cordial: Yes, the awesome! Stephanie: Not quite as awesome as last week, but still hella funny. kfangurl: The rock-paper-scissors was pretty funny. I seriously thought Ho-dong might be it again. KFG-BFF E5 001 CC: Then when Hyun-joong lost and rolled on the floor? Stephanie: His whining was just as cute as Si-yoon's in the end. kfangurl: His grumbles on the way to the market — hilarious! “I earned the most money, I ate the cheapest at the restaurant, why do I have to do this?!” CC-BFF 05 042 CC: Why, oh why, did they put Si-yoon back into the front of the shop? Stephanie: I think the producers set him up to have to do math again. kfangurl: I actually think so too... it smells like a set-up. SAK-BFF E5 019 CC: What happened to Se-yoon? Was he drumming up business? We never saw him again after he took the cart out. kfangurl: Why do you need a cart to drum up business if you eat at the restaurant? CC: They could have added some of that in. Stephanie: But they needed as much space as possible for the rock shrimp fishing that never happened. Weird they left that out, right? CC-BFF Cable Collage CC: I'd have liked to see more motorcycle washing and less rock shrimp cable car. kfangurl: Yes, actual fishing could have taken up some screen time. Maybe edit the cable car trips to just highlights? CC: There were some great rock shrimp moments. Si-yoon having premonitions... Stephanie: "Why isn't anyone listening to me?" Umm... probably because you're whining. CC-BFF 05 019 CC: Hyun-joong and his goodbye speech... Stephanie: I wish we could add audio here. I'd add Se-yoon's girly screams in a heartbeat. CC: And Jong-shin's grunts. kfangurl: I feel like the school bit didn't know what it wanted to be... a highlight reel for preview purposes, or an actual segment. CC-BFF 05 108 Stephanie: I kept thinking, "What happened to the shrimp?" CC: Yeah, I agree. Stephanie: I understand why they wanted blow through this part — so they could have a clean slate for next week — which looks AWESOME. CC: kfangurl you said something about a pun in Korean. During the restaurant section? SAK-BFF E5 010 kfangurl: Yes, it was Se-yoon with his cart. Stephanie: I missed that. I'm not good enough to catch the puns. kfangurl: The noodles are called Bakso, and Korean for "seen" is pa-so. So he was like, “Bakso, mo pa-so?” Which sounds like, “Can’t you see the Bakso?” but also sounds like, "Have you seen, or not seen?" And then, he goes, “Such yummy stuff, Bakso mo pa-so?” which sounds like, “Such yummy stuff, haven’t you seen the Bakso?” but also sounds like, “Have you seen or not seen such yummy stuff?” SAK-BFF E5 013 Stephanie: Um... Yeah. That's totally funny? I'm not so much with the puns. I could never be Korean. CC: See, this is why I need to learn Korean. I miss so much. Just think how much more fun I could have if I caught all the subtext. kfangurl: I like puns, so I was quite tickled by this one that came out of the blue. SAK-BFF E5 022 Stephanie: And that you understood it — an added layer of awesome. How many hundreds of hours of Kdrama have I watched? I know like 10 words. kfangurl: Not as many hundred hours as you need, apparently? CC: I can say “thank you” and “I'm sorry” pretty well. Stephanie: I guess I'll just have to keep at it. kfangurl: The hardship — more kdrama, all for a worthy cause! Who do you think caught the most rock shrimp? Read the previous Barefoot Friends Drama Club Series for… Be sure to visit the Barefoot Friends girls at their own blogs: Stephanie at Crazy for Kdrama kfangurl at The Fangirl Verdict Cherry at Cherry Cordial