The dream of every K-drama fan I've ever met is to be in a K-drama.  Some of us want to meet our favorite stars, some of us want to totter around in high heels crying "Oppa!", some of us want to wear amazing traditional costumes and beaded hats, and some of us just want to connect with the rich culture we've come to know and love from our addicting shows. And meet our favorite stars. Did I mention that?

On a recent trip to Korea, I stumbled behind the scenes of a K-drama shoot and was able snag a few shots. The drama turned out to be Dae Jang Geum 2, sequel to the wildly popular Jewel in the Palace, according to the crew members I spoke with. The crew were all quite friendly, even to the American who had to be politely told to stop taking pictures of their closed set. 

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One of the more popular places to shoot a period K-drama is the Korean Folk Village located south of Seoul in the town of Yongin.  My hosts described this destination as on the “must visit” list of K-drama fans visiting South Korea. The Korean Folk Village has a special store and section devoted to drama fans, including character cutouts and scripts from popular dramas. Among the popular dramas filmed there are My Love From Another StarArang and the MagistrateRooftop PrinceSungkyunkwan Scandal, and The Moon That Embraces the Sun

Walking in the Folk Village was eerily familiar to a drama fan. You found yourself saying, "Oh! That's the house students lived in in Sungkyunkwan Scandal!" "Oh look! The Magistrate's chair!"  "The marketplace in every historical drama ever!" "Maybe if I close my eyes and wish really hard I'll see Park Yoo Chun."

Wish granted. Kind of.

Of course, the folk village has much more to recommend it to drama fans.  There is a daily Joseon era wedding ceremony, horse back stunts, dancers, musicians, shopping, traditional skill demonstrations (like cloth dyeing, shoe making, etc.), and a lovely food court.

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