Isn't life full of coincidences? When Korean actress Ha Ji Won (The Time I've Loved You) was rumored last year to be dating Chen Bo Lin (20 Once Again), the rumor was refuted right away and the main reason was that the two busy actors had hardly ever met. In the past few months, the two stars have met, filmed a romance movie together, and joined in a steamy photo shoot that threatened to melt the freezing snow in Japan. Take a look at their pictorial for Marie Claire Korea.

The beautiful pictorial took place in Aomori, Japan. Ha Ji Won and Chen Bolin looked like two old friends, or perhaps lovers, who were enjoying the snowy countryside.


2. The two visitors are surrounded by December snow in scenic Aomori, which is located in the northern tip of Japan's main island.

3. Was this a secret rendez-vous or an accidental encounter?

4. Chen Bolin, what are you thinking about?

5. Ha Ji Won, who are you looking at?

6. Indoor grilling is just the thing to do when it's cold outside:

7. Let's go for a carriage ride:

8. Love their sunny smiles!

9. A contemplative look from Ha Ji Won:

10. They look good together, especially when both are wearing Giorgio Armani for the photoshoot.

This lovely pictorial can be seen in Marie Claire Korea's February edition.

The two stars will next show us their sizzling chemistry in their film, Risking Life for Love, which is described as a mystery romance thriller. The new movie will be released in 2016.

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Watch Chen Bo Lin in the nostalgic romantic comedy about second chances in life and love, 20 Once Again: