Welcome back, our dear Descendants. The moment we've all been dreading is here: it's the last week of Descendants of the Sun. How will our leading couples fair in the end? Is everyone going to get the happy ending they deserve? Or does fate have other plans in store for our merry band of miscreants? Join Aunnie, Wendilynn and Firnlambe as they discuss what made them laugh and what tugged violently at their heartstrings during episodes 15 & 16 of Descendants of the Sun.

Aunnie: This drama was definitely one for the books because it was amazing. Definitely lived up to the much awaited hype that surrounded this drama prior to its release. It’s also kind of fun knowing the drama was pretty much set in stone. There weren’t going to be any changes to it based off of how the fans reacted. And that ending---well we’ll get there.

Wendilynn: I also liked that the ending was set in stone. It prevented the producers from getting wishy washy and I really liked where they went. I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting them to be presumed dead though.

Firnlambe: This drama being “set in stone” sure did help with the drama feeling more like a high budget production as opposed to some of the shows that seem to adjust their story weekly. I really appreciate that as a viewer, it makes it much easier to immerse yourself in the world that has been created for you.

Aunnie: I was satisfied with the fact that I was right in what the producers/writer’s were going to do especially after the preview for this week but I am also frustrated that they did that because the feelz were real when they were given the “news”. I also don’t like “One Year Later scenarios. But it all worked out……..marvelously

Wendilynn: I also tend to roll my eyes at one year later stuff, BUT, this felt organic. The heartbreak was real, the love was real. The situation soldiers can find themselves in can be real. Even when helpful warriors come by to pay a debt was a nice touch. Man, I just really loved this. 

Firnlambe: I kept waiting for the “One year later” text to scroll on by, but I was surprised and glad they were more subtle about the time shift. PLUS!!! Even though they made the whole scenario extremely emotional--I’m looking at you gangster brother--They played it up with a fantastic joke on Eastern cultures views on ghosts. Dear Lord I died laughing.

Aunnie: The entire last episode was nothing but feelz and laughter. I loved the moment in the tent and she denies him a kiss and he hangs his head in frustration, I loved the Red Velvet moment--I don’t think Seo Dae Young looked more goofy than during that scene--and the car wash scene….gah, I loved it all. I can’t even begin to decide what my favorite part was----oh I lied. “Dad. I’m pregnant” and Seo Dae Young immediately tries to release her hand. bwahahahaha

Wendilynn: oh, the ‘ghost’ eating his memorial meal slayed me. The reaction of everyone in the cafeteria was so funny. And was a great balance to all the feels of the boys returning to their girls. Dae Young returning on a first snow….. Yeah, that changes how you are going to view first snows for like the rest of your life. I just wanted to melt right there.

Firnlambe: While I did like how the boys reunited with their leading ladies, I was more emotionally attached to Dae Young and Kim Ki Bum’s reunion. I adore the family vibe those two throw off whenever they are on screen together.

Aunnie: You beat me to it! Pretty sure I was more emotional during their reunion than I was with the boys reuniting with their ladies. And the obvious connection they’ve had since--literally--the first episode. Then it was all washed away when the Colonel to give his welcoming speech and it was back to laughter again. I’m glad that they didn’t end the drama with Soo Jin’s character leaving the military. I feared that after his last “death”, the writers/producers would have him giving up his uniform so that he could live peaceably with …….whatever her name was. Then it would have just felt so untrue to his character.

Wendilynn: Kim Ki Bum’s reunion with his savior was really the best. Dae Young was his calm loving self and Ki Bum just started crying. In many ways, that said more than anything the ladies had to say. I loved that he was following the steps of his friend to be a solid soldier and had a commanding position over the barracks. What I appreciated so much in this whole series is their honesty to the true soldier who gives his whole life to the service of his country. They did not cheapen that in any way. Even our North Korean soldier kept his honor and friendship. I mean, there was just so much to appreciate about these soldiers. I have a brother in the service and if I can ever get him to watch this, I know he’d love it.

Firnlambe: Dude!!! I was more happy than I thought I would be when the N. Korean soldier showed up. I really liked that he kept tabs on the situation and was able to come in and save the day.

Aunnie: That was a pleasant surprise and also illustrates great writing if you can wrap everything up in a neat little bow and still have it make sense! Speaking of neat little bows...I wanna discuss the ending now. Holy. Crap. I loved that they all stayed true to character about going back to their jobs even when they were on vacation--Soo Jin complains aboutt the reporting, Mo Yeon complains about her shoes, the nurse starts to nag Doctor Dude. Loved. It.

Wendilynn: I laughed when they said there was a volcano going off. Mind you, Vancouver BC does have volcanoes around it, but over near me is Vancouver, Washington. We have 3 volcanoes all within sight and Mt St. Helens is the most recently active. So I was laughing that they were in the wrong Vancouver. I did like that they cleared up that relationship status between Daniel and the girl. That was a bit of convoluted storytelling but so typically Daniel all at once.

Firnlambe: I'm glad the Daniel line was cleared up too, but I really enjoyed the 4th wall break when Onew addressed us viewers. . . . particularly because it brought me back to Chicago, (Aunnie: *swoon*) but I digress. There really wasn’t much to complain about this last week. All I can do is keep gushing about how much I loved the show over all . . . . .I feel like a broken record now.

Aunnie: Same here….definitely a 10 outta 10.

Wendilynn: Agreed. For a moment there, I wasn’t sure where this show was going, but they way they ended it was just so good that it showed there was a story path for this drama. It was a very organic, honest to the characters sort of path and I’m so glad they didn’t mess with it. While some may not like the open type of ending, it was perfect to me.

Well friends, what was your favorite scene these last 8 weeks? Was it the drama? Action? Perhaps you really enjoyed all of the different love lines? We hope that you loved this series just as much as we did. So be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for enjoying this series with us ^-^ and while Aunnie doesn't plan on joining any Drama Clubs soon, be sure to follow Wendilynn over on the Vampire Detective Drama Club and Firnlambe on Mirror of the Witch (once that DC gets started). Happy viewings wherever our beloved Hallyu wave leads you!

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