Welcome to another week of Drama Club! This week Erica and I are thrilled to have Grace of Musings of a Twinkie joining us. Can't wait to read her review of this week's super juicy episodes!

Ok, so I need to wrap my head around this.

At some point Won decided he no longer liked his younger brother. Tan’s parents shrugged and were like, “Well, nothing can be done about it.” And then they sent Tan, at the age of 15, to live ALONE in a foreign city that is known for its drugs, women and general excesses. Like, “Eh. He’ll probably be fine.”

What kind of parents are we dealing with here? Or, more likely, what kind of writers put together that plot line and thought, “Yeah, that sounds legit.”?

This is what has plagued my mind this week.

ANYWAY. About six minutes into episode 5 of Heirs I had a realization: no one in this show is happy. They’re all stuck in situations they hate with people they dislike and it’s all a little depressing.

And THEN! Secretary Yoon, bless him, took his happiness in his own hands. Literally.

Extended scene of up-against-a-wall kissing! I felt a little scandalized. Secretary Yoon is now my favorite character. Well played, sir.

I’d like to know the backstory between these two characters. Lee said in a previous episode that she didn’t choose him 20 years ago and she wasn’t choosing him now. They’ve obviously got a long history and it sounds like it was wonderfully dramatic. Also, I kind of wanted to applaud the fact that she was totally into that kiss. Korean drama is a genre filled with terrified looking girls getting kissed, which I hate. Consent or don't, but please don't stand there like an idiot. Esther Lee consented. Enthusiastically!

Meanwhile, Tan continues to lurk.

Just man up and ask her on a date or something.

Sadly, his fashion sense DIED when he left California. If the themes of episode 3 were LOVE and HORROR then the themes of episodes 5 and 6 would be TAN’S UGLY SWEATERS. Sadly, this is only a small sampling. There were even MORE.

His sense of humor, fortunately, is still intact.

That running kidney joke, guys. It kills me.

And also there was this.

And Vampire Young Do made some kind of comment about her being a holiday gift set and Tan was like

So we have lots of territorial staring to look forward to.

I really thoroughly enjoyed these two episodes. I feel like some of my burning questions were answered (Tan DID get engaged against his will!) and I was able to follow the plot lines SO much better since I finally understand who everyone is and how they're connected.*

I’ve heard Heirs compared to the show Gossip Girl which I will guiltily admit to obsessively watching for the first couple seasons. If Young Do is supposed to be our Chuck and Rachel is Blair, then does that mean they get together in some kind of twisted step-sibling forbidden love plot line? Is it weird that I’m REALLY hoping that happens? Blair and Chuck are my favorite and I think Young Do plus Rachel would be all kinds of delicious evilness.

*Similarly confused? Check out Drama Fever's super handy chart. It has been a lifesaver.

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