Unnie gets the second review! Thank you maknae Cypsis for your awesome insights from part 1 of Drama Club: Monstar! Now on to the review! M 4 10M 4 11M 4 12 Wow- was it just me or was there a whole lot of deep discussion going on during the time the kids waited out the storm at trench coat Ahjussi’s house? First we had Sun Woo admitting he liked Se Yi, which launched Seol Chan into full out sabotage mode later in this episode. Next we had Se Yi finding out the truth, or a portion of the truth, about Ahjussi and her Father. M 4 7 Lastly we had the most important discussion of all, Eun Ha explained the motivations of fanfiction writers to Seol Chan. Ha ha. I am not sure if I should have laughed so hard during this scene but it was just too funny, Seol Chan seemed to really be surprised at the reason most fanfiction couples male idol with male idol. M 4 8 Back to the first big reveal, Sun Woo’s calm confirmation of his crush on Se Yi made for some interesting actions from Seol Chan. I found it a hilarious that Seol Chan’s reasoning mandated that his reaction to Sun Woo’s declaration was simple, get in Sun Woo’s way any chance he could. M 4 3M 4 4 Seol Chan’s maturity level is certainly a pain point for this character. Yet I find this character endearing and fun to watch. I think I find Seol Chan so likeable because he seems to learn from his faux pas and understand that he has some growing up to do, like when he realized his blunder around Se Yi’s Father’s song. M 4 5 When Ahjussi admitted his past friendship with Se Yi’s father you could tell it meant a whole lot to the girl (reference the two tear filled conversations in this episode kicked off by said revelation). Both cry fests got to me, it is heartbreaking to think of this character having lost her Dad and being unable to speak. The incident when she revealed that she could only talk to sheep (but in her head because she seriously could not speak) really explained a lot about this character; her social oddness is because for a chunk of her life she had dropped out of the social game all together. M 4 2 I am eager to find out what Ahjussi’s relationship with Se Yi’s Dad really is (and why he did not want to talk about her Mother- past love triangle, perhaps?). If I had to guess Ahjussi’s car accident nightmares seem to link him to the accident that killed Se Yi’s Dad. If this is true I cannot fathom how this piece of history will effect Se Yi in the future, because as of episode 4 it feels like the girl may be looking to Ahjussi as a surrogate father figure. 4-10 Other than the big reveals early in this episode, my memory will linger with the piano bromance- awwww, their broken friendship when turned back in time can make flowers grow! Amazingly epic! So what do you think- did episode 4 increase your love of Monstar? Do you think that Seol Chan’s immaturity is endearing or annoying? And did you laugh during the explanation of fanfiction content (come on, I couldn’t have been the only one…right)? More from the MONSTAR Drama Club: Episode 4: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ]