I just want to make one thing explicitly clear… I hate Takuto’s family. Let me give you 2 reasons why: His parents have given up on him because his younger brother is supposed to be the better of the two, and his brother is a complete *censored*!

Okaasan (mom) I understand calling the oldest child to ask about the younger, but in this case, the mother didn't even call Rikuto first! She never calls Takuto to ask how he is doing or even stop by to see him— did you forget that he came from your womb too?!

Rikuto...If he was my younger brother, he would get popped in the eye for half the things he says. Takuto is not inferior to you Rikuto— you are just an *censored*! I have no sympathy that you have no friends or feel alone because it is your fault. But I do hate that you might grow up and hate what you are doing, because it is not what you really wanted to do but it was what everyone expected from you.

Moving along to “Bangs of Betrayal” aka Shige Senpai— I really need for him to disappear. I don’t care how it’s done, just as long as my brain doesn't have process a visual of him because my retina caught him in my line of vision and transferred the data! He really is a creep, though he may feel sorry that Takuto has ALS, it will not deter him from going after Megumi... Jerk!

I am so upset that every time I see Takuto—I tear up and reach for some German Chocolate ice cream. I cannot imagine the struggle he is going through with having ALS.

Although, I will say this: I was disappointed in him for not telling Megumi why he wanted to break up—well, honestly, it is a catch 22. I understand why he did it, but I put myself in Megumi’s position as well. If a guy that I liked, possibly loved, up and wanted to break up with me with no valid reason… I would be beyond heartbroken.

I was not a fan of Megumi when I first met her, but I think she is a perfect match for our Takuto. She is a kind giving person; she will continue to give him what he needs. I wish that he would give her the option to stay or leave; but it will be much harder to show vulnerability and come out with nothing in the end.

Takuto has many challenges to face and I am not looking forward to them because nothing will ultimately change. Hopefully as we see the struggle, he will come to some peace and understanding. I know I sound like a jerk wanting him to seek either but it is my ignorance not the reality— feel however you want to feel since it is happening to you Takuto.

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