Greeting Readers! Prepare yourselves for an action-packed episode, yet . . . somehow . . it still manages to be overflowing with all our favorite K-drama cliches. Join Aunnie, Taleena, Wendilynn and myself as we discuss everything from the melodramatic encounters, conspiracies and even the slow motion goodness in our seventh episode of The King’s Face.

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Wendilynn: You know, I wondered what would happen once Prince Gwanghae left the palace, but I wasn’t expecting the stoning. I should have been though.

Taleena: That was pretty cold, Ga Hee just looking on like it was no big thing.

Aunnie: Yeah, I was pretty peeved by that. The look of absolute shock on Gwanghae’s face really kind of broke my heart and of course made me love the Eunuch more. Bad form on Ga Hee’s part.

Firnlambe: Do NOT get me started on Ga Hee. She is going to have to do a looooot of making up to do in my book. At this point she’s falling off the fence.

Taleena: Ga Hee just gives me the deep sighs at this point. She’s so, so earnest. Bleh. I can totally picture her 3 years of pity parties interspersed with Vengeance! where as at least Gwanghae had a hobby.

Wendilynn: So far I have not been impressed with her character. She had so much promise and they’ve killed it. I like herb girl better at the moment.

Taleena :Totally agree re: herb girl.

Aunnie: I really like her for few reasons. She’s not trying to change society in anyway, she’s just trying to illuminate the people who can actually do some serious renovation on the Joseon society’s hierarchy and she’s doing it in a way that doesn’t call for treason and/or killing of innocents.

Taleena: Think Herbalicious is an excellent conspirator. She put her letter mysteriously on the door with no one the wiser. She doesn’t make grand gestures or speeches, just points out the injustice to someone who might possibly amplify her concerns or get things done.

Firnlambe: I’m curious how they are going to bring those two together . . . but actually what I’m really curious about is how Gwanghae will become prince again.

Wendilynn: That doesn’t make me as curious since we know the King only kicked him out so he could catch Daedong society. And now that there are wanted posters for the real “killer” they have an easy way to bring him back by saying the straw hat person was the real killer. They even have Prince Shinsong testimony.

Firnlambe: That’s true. Oh! was anyone else extreeeeemly mad and Emperor Joseon when he got mad at how Gwanghae was being treated. You can’t strip him of his princely title and then expect him to be treated like a prince . . . I mean that’s just common sense.

Wendilynn: DUH! You made him a commoner, what did you expect?

Aunnie: Agreed. I kind of wanted the Eunuch to keep rubbing it in about what the King had done .

Firnlambe: I was extremely happy that there was another epic Teddy Bear Eunuch moment . . . . I feel like I keep changing the topics at random lol . . . . I kinda hope they have at least one every episode or at least one every week.

Aunnie: It’s really refreshing to see the Eunuch’s be actually productive in this show as compared to other historical dramas where they kind of just sit idly by.

Taleena: Agreed Teddy Bear and Eunuch Song were both fabulous this episode what with the making of dirt pillows and the sneaking of clues in physiognomy books. Those guys could teach the knuckleheads in the yahtzee society how to get it done.

Wendilynn: rofl @ yahtzee society. I really liked Eunuch Song myself. His secret smile as he was leaving Gwanghae residence made me pause though. Exactly whose side is he on? Is he working behind the scenes for the King supporting Gwanghae or is he doing what he can because he personally wants Gwanghae as King. I’m just not sure yet.

Taleena: OK A) that was the coffee house, OK mahgeolli house!, and I read it as being please to have seen Gwanghae in a goodish mood. B) I think that Song is the one running the King’s double blind bluff to find out what is really going on with the princes jockeying for position and C) he like and supports Gwanghae on his own.

Firnlambe: I second A, B &C from the Big Book of Theories author!!

Aunnie: I think Eunuch Song knows that Gwanghae is really the only one worthy of the throne. You’ve got the hot head Imhae who has no problem paying people off to take the blame and then you’ve got Shinsung who’s just a little bitch butthead who has no problem manipulating his way to the throne. Both of which are not thone quality.

Taleena: Prince MS has his own Big Book of Theories, as well as charming ink marks but I think adding Beefy McHotstuff to his confidence was not wise.

Firnlambe: I thought the same thing. Nothing good can come from Imhae lending Gwanghae a helping hand. Gwanghae will have a hard enough time keeping Ga Hee and the other members safe.

Aunnie: While they were looking for members, one guy’s shirt got pulled up and unconsciously I looked to see if he had a tramp stamp.

Taleena: Bwahahaha Aunnie I am DEEP in your mind now! Could that guy have looked any squirrellier when they were rounding up the usual suspects? Speaking of the Yahtzee gang. Who else thought that when Psycho put up his killin’ mask it was BAD News?

Firnlambe: I wasn’t expecting him to go all Rambo on the King though. That I didn’t see coming, I thought he was just going to simply dash away, hence grabbing their attention that way instead.

Wendilynn: What a wonderful way to avoid suspicion . . . . NOT!

Aunnie: Not gonna lie . . . as much as I didn’t expect that, I have grown to really enjoying watching our Psychopath fight with a sword. Like uncomfortably enjoying watching him. I should be ashamed because he’s our resident bad-guy, or he will be at least, but I kind of hope he keeps doing things like that.

Firnlambe: But . . . but he has too many slow motion attack sessions. It kinda overpowers the intended “Here I am to save the day!!” effect.

Taleena: Aunnie he can’t truly be our resident bad guy, cue Jessica Rabbit’s ‘I’m not really bad I’m just drawn that way’, because he gets to be a part of our three-way, cross-town, brooding in lovelorn silence scene.

Aunnie: I choose to see him as Joseon’s “Harvey Dent” he’s going to live long enough to see himself become the bad guy. And coincidentally, Harvey Dent (in the latest Batman rendition) fell in love with Rachel which was ALSO a three-way, cross-town, brooding lovelorn type of situation!

Firnlambe: Harvey Dent! Such a perfect comparison . . . wait . . . There isn’t going to be a quiz on how many pop culture references we’ve made throughout this series is there?

Aunnie: Maybe . . . ψ(`∇´)ψ *laughs evilly*

Wendilynn: Now we just need a coin. lol

Taleena: Yes, but, that was less silent brooding, and more racing against bombs, to be fair. And the King was totally right Prince Master’s Sun led him straight to bamboo hat, Daedong Society conspiracies within a week of being out on his own. He seems to have some kind of crazy homing device for Love Through the Ages that will not be denied.

Aunnie: They do have a weird way of crossing paths at the worse times . . or best, depending on how you look at it. I can't lie and say I didn’t get a little fluttery when Prince Gwanghae stopped Ga Hee from turning herself in. Something about him going from playful to the guard and very serious when talking to her.

Firnlambe: Agreed . . . actually, I’m really looking forward to seeing how Ga Hee gets out of being “discovered” in that hidden room.

Aunnie: I am envisioning dark lustrous locks cascading over bare shoulders and a look of “Oh my . . . we’ve been caught” on her face. I mean, that’s really the only way they can get out of that situation.

Wendilynn: I’m with Aunnie, the ONLY excuse she has is to be “The girl he’s hiding in his room”. Teenagers . . . hormones . . . . You know the drill. LOL!

So, add one more cliche to our growing list . . . cliffhangers . . . thankfully we don't have to wait for the weekend to end. Stick around for episode 8, as I'm sure plans will be set in motion. Will Ga Hee pull down her top knot in order to stay alive or do you think she's got a different plan brewing in that peculiar brain of hers? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section below ^-^ we love talking to fellow Face Readers.

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