The Adventure of the Misfit Rookies continues right into episode 2 of You Are All Surrounded. Our superhero in disguise continues on his lonely path of solving his mother’s death. The rest of our Misfits try to figure out how to be cops while bring us to tears with their antics. As for our Team Leader, well, he continues to be a grumpy old man, and we love him despite it.

Sa Kyung … the elephant in the room

Sage: This woman really packs a punch.. OR should I say slap? I seriously wonder what Pan Seok did that was that bad for her to hate him that much and that fact that she did it in front of everybody at the precinct really shows her gall.

Taleena: I gaze into my crystal ball and I see Pan Seok’s backstory! The woman he was involved with as he desperately tried to find the missing boy Ji Yong. Ji Yong has become Dae Gu of course, but it was Pan Seok’s obsession with failure in the death and subsequent disappearance of of the boy which drove a wedge between them! You have got to like anyone who can give a resounding face slap like that no matter who she’s standing in front of.

Tiara: Taleena, I don't think you need a crystal ball to see who Sa Kyung. Maybe a magic 8 ball. All kidding aside, I agree she is the woman who got away from Pan Seok. Knowing how KDrama works, 11 years ago these two got involved as both were part of the Ji Yong case. Sa Kyung means business and I am going to guess Pan Seok left her at the alter. It would explain the anger behind the slap. Speaking of the slap that last one was poorly timed.

Is that a Knife or are you just happy to see me?

Taleena: In the continuing differences between Korea and the US of A, she tied the suspect with rope rather than handcuffed him? And it was a standard procedure taught at the academy? Maybe they do that in Texas still (the great thing about Texans is their sense of humor), but I don’t think it is a standard part of police procedure here. Any police officer K Fans want to chime in?

Sage: Did nobody else see the knife there but the criminal?

Tiara: Apparently not Sage. I find it hard to believe no one saw him take the knife off the desk. Where is their supervisor? This is like leaving a toddler alone in a room. You know the toddler is going leave terror thoughout the room. It is my understanding, new officers don’t fly solo until a specific amount of time. At least, the cops I know talk about having to train newbies all the time. I don't blame the rookies for the mistake. It is the Team Leader’s responsibility to teach his underlings how to do their job.

You look like someone I know

Tiara: Don’t get me wrong, I adore Soo Sun’s naive and childlike attitude. She just isn't the brightest bulb in the box. Despite her not being really smart, I bet she figures out Dae Gu’s identity because of his unique way of trying his shoes. You mark my words.

Sage: Oh yeah! In the first episode Soo Sun was amazed with the way he tied shoes. That would be a great way for her to find out. I find Soo Sun so flipping adorable and I can’t wait to see how hers and Dae Gu Dae Gu’s (I am so using Ji Gook’s nickname for him because it’s awesome) relationship blossoms.

Taleena: Poor Dae Gu! He finally infiltrates his number one suspect's daily circle and who should be there but the one other person he knows is innocent, knows him from the past, and I'm guessing, is part of a reoccurring nightmare of running crazily through an empty school, without pants, while being pursued by a faceless specter who wants to give him a test he has not studied for. Meanwhile all she is thinking is, "Why are the cute ones always jerks?"

Assemblyman Yoo … Villain or Villain?

Sage: Is he the man that had Dae Gu’s mother killed? Why is he doing all of this if he is?

Taleena: Assemblymen are always the villain or the bumbling stumbling block. As he is not our romantic lead’s parent, at least not YET, I’m putting my money on corruption, bribery and murder most foul.

Tiara: Taleena, betcha he is Dae Gu’s long lost dad. I wouldn't put it past any KDrama to make things more complex. Sage, it only makes sense he is the master mind behind the whole thing. Assemblyman Yoo is evil.

To the Batcave … Dae Gu gets his spying on

Taleena: You know, I always laugh at the whole Hero goes incognito by putting on a hat or sunglasses, but Gong Yoo proved that it worked in real life. Still, the black painters cap and all black clothes just screams: “Sneaking Around! Question my motives!” If he were just wearing jeans and a white tee no one would get suspicious. Plus, how wonderful for Dae Gu that all he has to do is put in ONE camera to see the whole of Pan Seok’s apartment.

Sage: This is the best way not to draw attention to yourself: Dress in all black and avoid the cameras. No one will ever know. No, but in all seriousness, I wonder what him putting a camera in Pan Seok’s apartment is going to do for his revenge mission and I am really excited/apprehensive of how they had him start on it so soon. I am so used to things getting drawn out in dramas it’s kind of refreshing/scary.

Tiara: “Dum dum.. Dum dum dum.. Dum.. Dum dum dum..” (Singing Mission Impossible theme) I never understood why the characters think this look is fooling anyone. They could probably walk around in a Where’s Waldo outfit and blend in better. As for why the one camera, maybe because Pan Seok never makes it to his bed and sleeps on the couch. It doesn’t look like he is at his apartment much. Why the camera? Dae Gu is a total starker. Can't you feel the bromance from these two?

Taleena: Oh yes Tiara! Pan Seok has the typical single man's fridge: hot sauce and beer. Because he is Korean he gets to add soju too.

Tiara: Good point.

Let the betting start … Who is S?

Sage: So the young him, Ji Yong went missing after what happened at the school. I wonder who is sponsoring his revenge and if it is going to be anything like the american television show Revenge (which i haven’t watched in a while so bear with me). Is he going to try and become besties with Pan Seok (doubt it) and slowly make his way into his life? What does his plan consist of? How is he going to seek revenge? Is it a “take what matters most to you” type of thing? Or stab you in the back kind of thing? I don’t watch revenge dramas (this will be my first) so I don’t know how they do it in Kdrama Land.

Taleena: Three cheers for high tech crazy theory murder boards! Sure the old school way is to have a whole room wall dedicated to your pics and news clippings and connecting strings, but this is 2014. I have this mental picture of Dae Gu sorting through the fonts to choose the EXACT right one which feel right for a obsessive murder board. I bet Pan Seok has the old school case file in his bottom desk drawer he only looks at after drinking 5 bottles of soju.

Also, who is backing Dae Gu's revenge quest? Is it maybe his father who is Anakin Sky-, erm, NOT dead?

Tiara: I am not sure if I am happy or sad about there is no longer a need for a Bat Cave. I have to admit that device is pretty handy. I don't understand why Dae Gu didn't go into the department to be bestie with Pan Seok. They are two peas in a pie with their grumpy face look.

Ask for Who is S, it could be a number of people. It could be a family member he came across. Could be his non-dead dad. Heck, I wouldn’t put it past any KDrama to make S the actual Killer. But I think you might be on to something Sage, S might stab him in the back. I wouldn't rule that out.

Report on the First Day on the Job …

Taleena: They are going in undercover and no one is wearing club clothes? Cosby Sweater is not the only one underdressed here. You can not go clubbing in a black hoodie - not in Korea. You need high water pants and a snappy jacket. Soo Sun should be in four inch stilettos and a mini skirt just to not stand out.

Tiara: Bwahaha! Cosby Sweater just makes me think of Heirs. Oh Kim Tan and you crazy Sweaters ... how I do not miss those ugly things.

Who needs party outfits when they look young? Most of all of them could wear a bag over their head and still be let into any party.

Sage: Though he hasn’t had too many lines, I absolutely love Ahn Jae Hyeon as Park Tae Il. He is pretty hilarious and his personality fits him surprisingly well. I wish they would give him a larger role.

Nothing kills a party like a Dead Guy

Taleena: Sing with me, “Shot thru the heart, and you’re to blame. Baby you give love a bad name.” Interdepartmental communication in Gagnam is not very good is it? Vice has a months long sting going down, a complaint trickles to the surface about grand theft and identity fraud IN THE SAME CLUB and no one at Vice says, “Hmm maybe we better drop a quiet word in someone’s ear?”

Sage: So the question on everybody’s mind is: Who Shanked the club guy? This scene was so exciting to me. It was nail biting (doesn’t take much does it?) and really solidified how much I am going to really like this drama. Dae Gu Dae Gu was a little unstable at the sight of blood and it leaves me to believe he should’ve taken a few more years off before starting his revenge and I am also wondering how long this case is going to draw out --not that I am complaining because it’s been really exciting and I want to see how it ends and what it has to do with the greater plot line.

Tiara: A dothraki would have rated this party, just okay. Everyone knows a good party needs at least three deaths. I’m just glad it wasn't a Wedding then all bets are off. I am not surprised our rookie cops got arrested. Someone dropped the ball and didn't see if there was a connection to the club and open cases. These people call themselves Detectives. No wonder our rookies are sinking.

Taleena: Nah, Tiara it just goes to show you that there is still corruption lingering in Gagnam precinct.

Tiara: You're probably right Taleena, no corruption at all. *eye roll* Hail Hydra!!!

Please no phone calls during the show ...

Tiara: Someone explain this to be how poor girls in KDramas have the newest type of phones but a cop can't even keep food in his refrigerator. I guess I should be surprised. Any ideas how Boy Wonder is going to explain why his pocket is buzzing along with Pan Seok's phone. I don't think he is going to have to be very creative in his explanation. I get the feeling this is going to turn out to be a bait and switch. Regardless, I love the look of Gae Gu sweating bullets. I really hope it isn't a fake out because it would be one heck of a story.

Taleena: I think less that he is going to have to explain than someone is going to burst in and distract Pan Seok. I can't picture a scenario where they both come out looking smart AND credibly explaining the similtaious buzzing.

Sage: The whole time that phone was ringing with Dae Gu’s I freaked. I was like oh $***! You are about to get caught! And then I realized that that was how they were going to end the episode and I was like “Are you kidding me?”. How come Dae Gu never thought that maybe he might be in the same room with Pan Seok when his phone rang? This leads me to believe, once again, that his plan is not very well thought out.

Questions or comments about this episode? Was there something we missed? What are your theories? What were your favorite part? We hope to see you all once again next week. Until then …


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