Unnichan: Hi there Tempters! I’m glad you could join us this week ‘cause is it just me, or does it finally feel like our characters are getting in the “tempting” spirit? Who cares if it’s taken 8 weeks for the title Temptation to begin to make sense!

Drama Debussie: I don’t know. I still think they could have gone with a better title. Like Betrayal or The Middle Aged and the Hopeless.

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Pamela: Well, one of our lead characters has been in the spirit since before the drama began… *points to cheater-cheater women-and-business eater* But...wow, it’s been eight weeks! Are you unnis a little more tempted to press play now?

Unnichan: Ha! Let’s not think about that. All I can say is, it’s great to see some type of momentum and watch all our characters stew in their own messes. I can’t say it’s entirely satisfying but I’m enjoying it all the same. For though it’s not about getting a dose of your own medicine, but more so realizing that the choices you make affect several lives, sometimes two and three times over.

Drama Debussie: I enjoy this show if only because just when I think they can’t go further, they do. It’s the least they can do, really. What is it they say about revenge? Something about be sure to dig a grave for the person you want revenge from and yourself? Yeah, well, these characters are digging their holes.

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Pamela: Although in the process, it is still nice to see Min Woo getting beat around, literally and legally. Whether he planned to hurt Hong Joo (because he certainly wanted to hurt Seok Hoon and Se Young) or not, which I doubt he did, he deserves whatever silent anger he gets from his wife. She may think she deserves the betrayal, because she was definitely using him by marrying him. Really, though, Hong Joo shouldn’t have to witness her husband hooking up with the women he left for her.

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Drama Debussie: I really tried to understand how Hong Joo and Min Woo’s marriage worked this week. He’s a bastard for cheating on her, but he also has these moments where I actually believe he wants to stay in this marriage. I guess as long as his heart is with her then it doesn’t matter where his body is? *thinks* On second thought, nope. I just felt so sleazy typing that so I’m going to say my conscience will never allow me to justify their union and all the extracurricular activities in it. Gross.

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Unnichan: Hong Joo and I will never understand one another. She loves being playing the martyr and I for one, don’t comprehend that mindset. You’d think instead of believing she deserved the treatment, she’d think about why this occurred in the first place? How her so called convictions and view of herself, in relation to the rich, set her on this course, and seek to improve herself. She made some true statements this week and Min Woo returned in kind, but of course that doesn’t erase doubt. I did appreciate her conversation with Ji Sun, but that woman has a PhD in manipulation, so there’s no winning over her. Not yet, anyway.

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Pamela: Hopefully, his heart will win over his lust. I don’t know if I can handle a third divorce in this drama, although it just may happen anyway. Even if this isn’t the best pair - oh, absolutely not - Ji Sun’s just bringing the couple lower in this drama’s couples ranking.

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Drama Debussie: Ok, Pamela. You don’t think you can handle another divorce, so how about another baby? Because it looks like that’s what we’re going to get. Ji Sun was busy this week and so was her uterus it seems. I think we all know this pregnancy is ridiculous (especially seeing that she shouldn’t even be thinking about having babies) but for the sake of slight sanity let’s say she does have a kid. Do you think this will be her entry back into the Ajin family?

Unnichan: If she has a boy. Momma Min Woo cares about one thing--- a legitimate heir. The thing now is if her slutty son has a kid with the woman he threw away. I’m not sure how that will work in the mind of our Ajin Group matriarch but she seems to be a woman that can shift anything into something useful, if she so chooses. But speaking of births, was it just me but as soon as I heard “tumor” I thought--- “It’s over for Se Young. This girl is gonna die.”

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Pamela: Wow, I’m an awful person - I just thought about how, even though I didn’t see that coming, I kind of saw it coming. This is Kdrama, so I doubt that the tumor will be used as anything more than a plot device for the romance...especially if it’s more than a tumor. Hehehehe…

Drama Debussie: I remember thinking, ‘Don’t you do it, Show. Don’t you dare do it!’ I mean, come on, Se Young has now become the least of anyone’s problems at this point. She’s the last person that needs to killed off. There’s been a shift and the Se Young we originally met has softened. I would hate to see her go. Now, Hong Joo and Ji Sun I wouldn’t mind so much. Can we include Momma Min Woo on that list?

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Unnichan: Of course! My issue is according to the Kdrama Logic List, Se Young is supposedly the origin of all the destruction and upheaval, therefore, she must pay… WITH HER LIFE! However, I don’t think it will really get that far. She’s in terrible pain and she needs surgery. I’m thinking this is just another way to give Se Young everything she actually needs, along with salving her insecurities concerning Seok Hoon.

Pamela: And along with getting a little extra shirtless time with Seok Hoon, which is just a bonus.

Drama Debussie: You know what I find weird? All those dreams Se Young was having about Seok Hoon leaving with Hong Joo and not ONE dream featured him shirtless. If you’re going to have a nightmare, at least make it slightly rewarding. Se Young, dreaming. You’re doing it wrong. Of course if I was Se Young I would probably have the same fears. While I’m convinced that Seok Hoon is all about her, the fact that he and Hong Joo always seem to end up in the same room together doesn’t help his case. And the ring he wouldn’t get rid of! My heart sank when Se Young found that ring in his apartment. It was almost as if all the promises he made and all the things he said were flushed down a porcelain contraption shaped like the ring he wouldn’t throw away.

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Unnichan: Seok Hoon has nothing to hide and Se Young’s misgivings are truly her own problem. However, I won’t say that you don’t see a pattern in how Seok Hoon conducts himself. Which is further proof our characters are walking forward but have learned very little from their journey. I honestly didn’t care about the ring, though he should’ve left it on the table at the coffee shop. I also understand his reasoning for not chucking it. Memories are memories; he’s entitled to them. It’s just careless to think every and anyone would readily understand. I suppose it’s much like Min Woo meeting Ji Sun. He’s known for his “cheating heart,” therefore, he should never be seen alone with other women. It doesn’t matter whether he gets handsy or spits game. Seok Hoon could just as easily keep the ring around as a warning of past regret, as he could, a tool of reminisce. No one truly cares about the truth, but one’s angle of perception and he for one, should know that better than anyone, at this point.

Pamela: Which just goes to show that maybe he hasn’t learned as much as he should have. Seok Hoon has grown to have confidence in his abilities, or at least to be more forward than he was. However, that’s made him ruder in some cases, since he barges into offices during conversations when something is not going his (*cough* his lover’s *cough) way. He still cares for Hong Joo, though, in less of a romantic sense. Seok Hoon and Hong Joo were in love once, and so he still has the heart to be amicable and protective of her. And thus, Se Young beeped the horn on her discomfort - both kinds of it. Both of the male leads don’t entirely care how they are perceived, unless the perception is coming from one of the female leads. That character trait is one of the ones that kept the ball rolling.

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Drama Debussie: All I have to say is, thank goodness for Se Jin and Hong Kyu. I’m rooting for Se Young and Seok Hoon (really had no choice as a longtime drama fan), but my second ship is certainly Se Jin and Hong Kyu. It’s nice to see one couple that isn’t sullied by affairs or failed marriages. Not that failed marriages are always a bad thing. If two people need to go separate ways in order to keep their sanity then go for it. Although all the baggage that these main characters have can be overwhelming and the issues that keep rearing their ugly heads are exhausting. I look at our young couple as a reprieve from all the craziness.

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Unnichan: They are adorable, aren’t they? Now that we’ve gotten this far, I’m less reluctant to their pairing. Hong Kyu and Se Jin make sense, even in my non-romantic mind and I would like to believe they have a chance. However, we saw a side of Se Jin this week that I wasn’t expecting and I’m not sure how that will translate once she’s privy to all sides of this square. But for now, just knowing her taste buds are just a tad odd and Daddy Na is already taking her side, makes me smile.

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Pamela: If the cuteness subsides next week, I will be just a tad cranky, just as much as Se Jin’s tastes are strange. Let me just bury my face in my hands and grin before staring with furrowed eyebrows for everyone else’s scenes. What do you all think of how the relationships are developing (or unraveling)? Comment below!

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