To no one's surprise, My Love From Another Star's final episodes propelled the show to the top of the list last week. As we cheered for Do Min Joon's return to Earth to be reunited with his lovely Chong Song Yi, we also had to bid farewell to the beloved drama and welcome two brand new dramas to the Top 10 list.

1. My Love From Another Star

2. Heirs

3. Emergency Couple

4. Bride of the Century

5. Running Man

6. Golden Rainbow

7. Miss Korea

8. Heartstrings and I need Romance 3 (tied)

9. Sly and Single Again

10. Passionate Love and Playful Kiss

*My Love From Another Star Spoiler Alert*

Last week, DramaFever writers posted our predictions and wishes for My Love From Another Star. The ending of course came with its unique twists and surprises. I simply love the time-freeze moment when Do Ming Joon appeared at the red carpet, but this time Chong Song Yi could see him. Their embrace was hot, hot, hot! I read many of the viewers comments and can sympathize with the feeling that it is not a final ending in the traditional sense. There is no wedding, no children, no decisive explanation about how these two beings can build a life in the same timeline. What if she ages and dies and he stays alive? On the other hand, I love it that these two can live for the moment and savor each instant in time that they can be together. The two characters have grown and matured since the beginning of the show. It's a romantic ending and perhaps it is meant to be not 100% satisfying so that there can be a sequel? We can only hope! I certainly would like to know what happened to Lee Hee Kyung (Park Hae Jin). Such a waste of the nicest handsome hunk if he doesn't get a special woman for himself.

Two brand new shows jumped to the Top 10 list. Of the two, I've decided to watch Bride of the Century instead of Sly and Single Again. I'm still following the excellent and intoxicating Emergency Couple, so I don't want to start another show about exes yet. Bride of the Century has the cute Lee Hong Ki looking very different from his role as Jeremy in You're Beautiful. He is paired with the equally cute and feisty Yang Jin Sung in a dual role. It is still at the set-up stage and a bit predictable so far, but I'm going to give it a try because I don't mind a little less intensity after My Love From Another Star. On the other hand, the ghosts are already appearing and I think they are actually scarier than those in The Master's Sun, still my most favorite show of last year. I actually did a quick re-watch of The Master's Sun this weekend. It's the best pick-me-up whenever I feel tired.

By the way, DramaFever has a one-hour recap of My Love From Another Star: The Beginning.

Wishing you all another wonderful week of K-Drama watching!

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