Dong Wook's loss has brought all kinds of changes to our characters in Falling in Love With Soon Jung. Come discuss all of them with Akua, Ekun, and me!

Watch episode 4:

Amy: Aaaaaaah! Am I the only one who cried a lot during these episodes? Dong Wook was such an awesome guy. His passing was such a loss that it seems like all of our characters are affected by it somehow.


Akua: Yup! Everyone is changed by Dong Wook’s passing! Let’s start off with cute, super friendly, super optimistic baby Dong Wook. When he goes up to Soon Jung in the playground and takes her hand to play with the other kids? You see how he’s been her backbone since childhood and how very deeply she loved him! My KDrama heart broke a little when Soon Jung was reflecting about how not only has she lost her today, but how she’s also lost all her tomorrows! But I really got teary when she was walking up the stairs to her house, remembering how he was always there for her? Aaaaaaaaack! Someone. Take. My. Heart. Pleeeeeeease! #SoDoneRightNow

Amy: That had me balling. I get too attached to the good guy characters. I can’t like that he is gone but I do like how it is making Min Ho change slowly. Sure he is still a bad boy but Min Ho is slowly breaking through. It was pretty cute when Min Ho started crying because Soon Jung hurt her hand. Old Min Ho wouldn’t have paid any attention and would have been on his merry way!

Ekun: Call me the odd man out. Though I was sad for her, and really on the verge of tears when she was going up those steps, but it was all thrown away when I saw Min Ho at the top of the steps! From the first moment these two encountered each other, I was instantly in love with the idea of Min Ho/Soon Jung. Don’t get me wrong--I loved Dong Wook as a character, but show got me excited about something else before we saw him. I blame the show!

Akua: Or what about that great scene when he looks through all the snacks and picks the lollipop? My eyes popped open! I was like, “Oppa? Oppaaaaaaa??!” Or when he hears the song and his heart starts beating again? Dok Ko Jin Greatest Love anyone? And tell me you didn’t think Dong Wook had come back to life at the end of Episode 3?????


Ekun: Aigoo! We can’t start talking about Dokko Jin. My brain won’t allow it! But out of all the moments you mentioned, I love when he just starts crying over the song. And when he slams her hand in the door and starts to bawl! #Ican’tlivelifelikethis!

Amy: Sigh. This show just punched me in the gut right from the beginning. Joon Hee is taking his opportunity to take care of Soon Jung now that Dong Wook is gone. I’m not surprised but I don’t like him being around her. He gives me the creeps, especially when he touches Soon Jung. Nope. Don’t like it. I don’t think anything will come of it though; because Soon Jung only sees him as a friend AND Dong Wook just passed away.

Akua: YAAAASS! Isn’t he supposed to be Dong Wook’s best friend? Is it just me ladies or did you feel like Joon Hee has become Stalker #1?? When he took Soon Jung out for dinner AND pulled out the “Pick a House”; I really thought he was gonna make a move on her. SHAMELESS! Wait, whaaaat, why you gonna give her a house like she’s your boo? And then following her to the funeral house? Uuuuuhm, no. I’ma need you to stop being so “friendly”!

Ekun: Now your indignation (Akua) with Joon Hee has tears in my eyes… From laughter! He is totally trying to be familiar with her like she his boo! I need him to back up like a dump truck--and throw those feelings away in the pile of scraps that is his life. Creepy stalker trash mobster. Oops, I let my true colors about him show. *stuffs hood-girl back inside*


Amy: He is definitely keeping tabs on Soon Jung. If we didn’t know better, we may think it is sweet and he is just taking care of his friend’s girl; but yeah, he is bad news. The house thing was just weird. Did anyone else think of J.Y. Park’s song, “Your House”? Creepy McCreeperson. The girl isn’t into you, J.Y. Park and Joon Hee! I don’t know what to do with Joon Hee. I am ready for him to get caught, but I have a feeling I’ll have to wait a long time. Soon Jung is doing a really good job of standing up for herself, though. and at least attempting to stay positive. Dong Wook really rubbed off on her. I can’t say I’d be the same way in her position.

Ekun: I know what you can do with Joon Hee! Help me make him “disappear”. *STUFFS MOB BOSS-GIRL BACK IN*

Akua: And how Joon Hee has become Soon June’s #1 protector? Like, what’s the backstory between THEM? He’s a little too protective if you ask me. And he’s gotten even more all up in her business now that Dong Wook is gone.

Amy: I have a hard time figuring Joon Hee out. I definitely need more backstory on him to understand him better.

Ekun: That is the source of my “wtf” with Joon Hee… I get him. He is angry, jealous, petty, and possessive, but he is unappreciated and overlooked. This is a bad combination for a person like him. Since he feels like he has to climb above “it” all; he will use any means necessary to accomplish “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”. Too bad all mine was given away to people who actually have a purpose and not a complex.

Akua: And that weasel Director Yoon! He’s such a hot mess! Making assumptions and blaming Soon Jung for things she didn’t do? I so want him boiled in something hot and oily -- like chicken feet!


Amy: Mmmm....chicken feet! I got so angry when he slapped Soon Jung. How does that seem like a logical thing to do? If that happened in the U.S. he’d no longer be the director. I’m wondering what Min Ho will do with Director Yoon now. Since Min Ho has Dong Wook’s heart, that slap will probably fuel his revenge fire even more!

Ekun: Oh if they were in the US, and he slapped me, after I got over the shock and rationalized not stabbing him; that company would be called “Jolly Inc.” (That’s my surname)! Yoon only thought the worse of Soon Jung because he is a rat bastard who would do something so low down.

Akua: When did logic ever come into the picture with crazy Chair men and Chair women? Or with Kdramas for that matter? *sly grin* Hehehehe. Why not ask her what happened? And did you see how Joon Hee hugged her? Was it because he loves her as a friend, lover, or because he feels guilty for doing Dong Wook in? Oh yes!!! Once Min Ho gets over his heart palpitations, he’s so gunning for the Chairman! On a side note - Secretaries can’t eat anything “smelly”, drink, or wear nail polish; AND have a union? Dang!

Amy: I know there is never logic in Kdramas. A girl can hope, though, right? I’m pretty sure that hug was a combination of love and guilt. Joon Hee needs to keep his hands off. No touchy! I have been watching Kdramas for a couple of years now and I’ve never heard of secretaries not being able to drink alcohol or eat smelly foods but hey. You gotta be professional right? I kid. I don’t get why they can’t do it when they’re not working. That is just weird.

Ekun: I think it depends on the company and what type of secretary you are. They cannot police your personal time, but if someone is stupid enough to sign a contract with such stipulations… I guess it is plausible.

Akua: Okay, who’s the mystery guy with the cap? We all know that anyone who wears beige jackets and mismatched caps is basically a bad guy in KDramas! It’s obvious that he’s connected with Dong Wook’s death! Is he gonna try to hurt Soon Jung? Or help? Who’s gonna protect Soon Jung now? And what about Dong Na? Was it just me or did you shed a thug tear when she dropped the lollipops at the scene of the crime? Now that Dong Wook is gone, she’s even more persistent!


Amy: Well, Min Ho helped apprehend the bad guy. Apparently Dong Wook put him in jail so he was out for revenge. Hopefully they’ll put him in jail again and not let him out for quite some time. Dong Wook’s heart is making Min Ho do all kinds of new things! Min Ho definitely thought it was cool that he can fight now. Ha ha! I’m loving Detective Na. She’s awesome. I think she is the type who won’t rest until she finds out who is responsible for Dong Wook’s death and takes care of the guy.

Ekun: A thug tear was shed Akua. All she needed was some Soju to sprinkle over the lollipops. Dong Wook is making Min Ho do all sorts of things! He cut his flaming hair, he walking to random places at night, He shedding tears like a hungry baby! He is not used to any of the things he is doing. I thought I would be sad to see Min Ho “complete self” go (and a part of me is). But I would be lying if I said I did not enjoy the effects that this new heart has given him.

Akua: I am loving Min Ho! His mannerisms, body gestures, silliness, slight cluelessness, attempts at sincerity aaaaaaaaand the fact that everyone always walks away from him when he’s trying to be serious! *Big Cheesy Grin*

Amy: I like Min Ho but I don’t like his new hairstyle. Just sayin’. I know they’re trying to make him look more like Dong Wook but the hair is just meh for me. He’s still handsome, though! I love how afraid everyone is of him. When he told his coworkers that he missed them their reactions were priceless.

Ekun: *Sobs quietly over new haircut* I almost fell off my couch when she dropped the tray because he said he missed them! One of the best comedic moments from outer cast to date!

Akua: Hahahaha! I know right? Total disbelief and shock! But I really want his flaming pompadour back! Is it okay to say I’m falling for Min Ho? *melodramatic sigh* And ooooh, I am loving that OST! I think it’s “Paradise” by Davnk? And for once, the main characters are NOT clueless! Soon Jung is able to pull together all the details about Min Ho’s behavior to see it’s just like Dong Wook! Hmmmm!

Amy: I’m not sure! Maybe someone can answer that question in the comments. I’m just wondering when Soon Jung will find out that Min Ho has Dong Wook’s heart. I really hate waiting. Sigh.

Akua: Giiiiiirlaaaaaaaaa, you and me both! I was worried when they killed off Dong Wook so early but now I can see that there’s a whole lot more KDrama goodness on its way!

Ekun: I personally don’t ever want her to find out. I want her to fall for Min Ho with Dong Wook’s quirks. I mean, even if he has his heart, Min Ho is still Min Ho. Eventually all those quirks will fade over time, right? Maybe it’s just me. *Sips Ginger Ale* 

What do you think, Lovers? Do you like all of the changes that Dong Wook's death brought? What, if anything, do you not like? Let us know in the comments below!

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