As Love Around reached its finale, its stars were filming a crucial scene in the streets of Taipei when a typhoon rolled in. According to George Hu, who plays Zhou Zhen, when they first tried shooting the wind was blowing their hair like crazy. Mud got on his pants as he kneeled. (How long did he wait for the answer?) It was nothing like the romantic scene he had imagined.

Weather was better the second time around, but he had to shout really loud as he proposed. People who passed by thought George Hu was really proposing to Annie Chen, who plays the spirited DJ Liang Xiao Shu. The crowd started getting bigger as people thought he was proposing for real. They almost couldn't finish because the crowd was cheering for the couple.

Come on, what's wrong with proposing for real? You two have already been through a super heated shower scene together in Love Now and became best baseball-batting pals in Love Around.

I can't wait for episode 20. We are getting a happy ending, right?