Have you ever caught yourself comparing your own life to a Kdrama? "Well, when something similar happened to Eun Chan in Coffee Prince..." Sometimes Kdramas can be great sources of life advice. Sometimes, what seems to work in Kdramas is actually a terrible idea in real life. Let's break down some different areas of life to see where Kdramas give us good advice or bad advice:

1. Love

Good advice: Flower Boy Next Door

"Love is seeing with both people's eyes and feeling with both people's hearts." Dok Mi and Enrique work as a couple because they understand each other. Each one of them had hidden part of their personality away from the world, but they couldn't hide it from each other. If you're looking for love advice, it doesn't get much better than that. Find someone who understands who you really are and helps you become the best version of yourself.

Bad advice: Personal Taste

"Even if I get used a hundred times, a thousand times, I'm just going to trust you." *Facepalm* Really? Your strength is trusting people who use you? What if he has an affair? What if he tries to murder you? Remember how that was her attitude for her last boyfriend, and he literally got all the way to the altar with another girl (her BEST FRIEND!!!) before she found out? I get it, she's swept up by the magic of Lee Min Ho's embrace, but can we all just agree that this is terrible advice in real life? Yes, trust the person you're with and forgive his or her faults. No, don't say he or she has carte blanche to turn you into an abused puppy.

2. Travel

Good advice: The Master's Sun

If you're going to go abroad, you could do much worse than taking a cue from Gong Sil. With a trustworthy (and handsome) guide by her side, she leaves for a journey of personal fulfillment. She comes back with confidence and a sense of self worth. Oh, and money. Lots and lots of money.

Bad advice: Heirs

Eun Sang is great at a lot of things. Planning trips is not one of those things. She uses what little money she has to fly to the States for her sister's wedding. That's it. That's the only prep she did. She doesn't tell her sister that she's coming. She doesn't have a backup plan. She doesn't have a return ticket before she leaves. And when things inevitably go awry, her emergency contingency plan is to say "Help! I'm in America!" on a social media site. If you're planning a world vacation, please, please don't count on your buddy not only ALSO being in America, but being within driving distance of your location in America. Handsome strangers in convertibles might pick you up, but there's no guarantee that they'll be as gentlemanly as Le Min Ho.

3. Friendship

Good advice: A Gentleman's Dignity

"When boys become 'us,' they encounter the world of friendship. At that point, the boys become special." If you want to learn what real friendship means, look no further. These guys have been friends for 20+ years, and it shows. Everyone needs a buddy who will cry with them, support them, and joke around with them. Some people felt like these guys were too immature for 40-year-old men, but in reality, it's a sign of true friendship when you can get together with someone who makes you laugh like a little kid again. Bonus points for doing the classic Babysitters' Club friendship pose.

Bad advice: Full House

These people tricked you into going out of town and then SOLD YOUR HOUSE. Nope, sorry, that's a friendship breaker right there.

4. Disappointments

Good advice: Arang and the Magistrate

Sometimes, terrible people end up with money and power, and sometimes nice people end up as ghosts. Arang has every right to be a little grumpy about her situation, but she finally comes to the conclusion that, no matter what your circumstances are, your only responsibility is to make the world a better place. Now that's what I call positive thinking.

Bad advice: Lie to Me

Gong Ah Jung's response to her disappointing relationship status is--to fake a husband. Because that is CLEARLY the easiest way to address the situation. So your friends mock you for being single. So what? At least you aren't a ghost!

5. Job interviews

Good advice: Protect the Boss

Okay, so telling off the interviewers might not be the best bet in many interview situations, but No Eun Seol knew that she was a long shot for the kinds of jobs she wanted. While standard interview answers might work if you have an impressive resume, sometimes all you have going for you in a tough job market is pure guts. Eun Seol made a compelling case for herself through her boldness and sincerity. That's much more impressive than someone who says, "I'm too much of a perfectionist" when asked about weaknesses.

Bad advice: History of a Salaryman

It's good to go out on a limb for your dream job, but cheating your way through the interview probably isn't the best approach. It worked for Yoo Bang, but I would argue that 9 times out of 10, having someone feed you foreign languages through an earpiece isn't going to end incredibly well. And do people actually fall for the old "I wear fake glasses, so I'm smart!" trick?

Have you ever followed Kdrama advice in real life? What good ideas and bad ideas have you seen? Comment below!

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