Yoon Si Yoon is gearing up for a comeback in upcoming drama The Prime minister and I by gracing the pages of Harper’s Bazaar’s December issue. With darker hair and a serious facial expression, Yoonie is playing his cuteness down by appearing manlier, and dare I even say sexy?!

This look actually makes me want to re-watch Me Too, Flower! because it reminds me so much of his character Seo Jae Hee. Remember those depressing bar scenes, and tortured moments in his pimped out room sitting at his desk? He was dark and mysterious just like in this photo.

Looking at the 2nd photo with the hair, leather moto boots, and jacket, I swear he could be a member of BEAST/B2ST. I can totally picture him bustin’ moves to SHOCK.

What I can’t picture is Yoonie not being the lead guy in this upcoming drama??? The Prime Minister and I stars Girls Generation’s Yoona, and Lee Bum Soo. Yoona plays a reporter who somehow or another ends up being hired as a nanny for the Prime Minister’s (Lee Bum Soo) three children, and Yoonie is playing the chief of staff (-_-). I don’t know how this storyline is actually going to play out, so I'm completely speculating, but I mean Yoon Si Yoon as a possible 2nd lead? I DO NOT APPROVE...but I'm gonna watch it anyway.

The Prime Minister and I is set to premiere following the conclusion of Marry Him If You Dare.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE