There is a saying that your outer beauty is a reflection of what you eat and feed your inner self. At 36, Ha Ji Won's beauty is admired by everyone as she plays her new role starting as a high-school girl in The Time I Loved You. She recently shared her simple tips to beauty. Let's find out what she said.

When Ha Ji Won recently appeared on OnStyle's Get It Beauty program, she revealed some simple but very helpful tips to beauty.

1. Low-Sodium Foods

The first key is to eat low-sodium foods. Ha Ji Won said, "Compared to salty foods, low-sodium and light foods are better for the body, and they help your body feel lighter and more flexible."

2. Yogurt mixed with fruits and nuts

Ha Ji Won loves mixing fruits and nuts in yogurt. She said, "I can never give up fruits. I really love berries. I have to eat fruits at least once a day. All you have to do is to mix some fruits and nuts, and add yogurt to make a mixture. This way you can get fruits, nuts, and yogurt all at once. It'll make you feel happy too."

3. Pumpkin Latte

Make the pumpkin latte drink by mixing steamed pumpkin, milk, and honey in a blender. "You'll feel full after drinking it. It tastes great, helps you lose weight, and makes you feel better too."

4. Honey Lemon Soju

If you sometimes drink alcoholic beverages, here's a unique tip from Ha ji Won: "The day after I drink lemon soju, I hear people tell me my skin becomes softer. If you want to drink alcohol but are worried about your skin health, try lemon soju,” she said.

Honey Lemon Soju is made of one bottle of soju, three lemons, one spoonful of honey, and some soda water.

These tips from Ha Ji Won sure sound easy and simple. Which one do you want to try first?

Watch Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook in The Time I Loved You:

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