Remember last week when we were wondering if the purpose of Han Ji Min's cameo in Jealousy Incarnate would be to stir up the jealousy of Gong Hyo Jin over Jo Jung Suk's attention? Well, it looks like our prediction were correct! Watch the hilarious scene and see some adorable behind-the-scenes photos of the actors here!

In episode 11, Han Ji Min played Jo Jung Suk's blind date, who also happened to be an acupuncturist. She used this as an excuse to get extra close to Jo Jung Suk. Her agency stated, "At first, the character was a simple blind date, but was changed to an acupuncturist, and the pleasant scene of her feeling for Jo Jung Suk's pulse was born. She also had a greatly enjoyable shoot thanks to the consideration of the director, writer, and Jo Jung Suk with whom she hadn't worked in a long time."

See the hilarious results:

The drama also released cute BTS stills of the couple:

Looks like they had a fun time! What did you think of her cameo?