In this heartwarming story from Taiwan, Dong Yi-Xuan made the hard decision to donate her 15-year old son's organs after he tragically passed away, never realizing that her gift would miraculously be given back to her twofold.

Her only child passed away only days after Mother's Day in 2011. "The celebration party felt like a farewell party," Yi-Xuan recalled. Now she is stricken with cancer herself, but through the inexplicable hands of fate, the two recipients saved by her son's organs are taking such good care of her that she feels that heaven has given her two more sons.

Yi-Xuan's only child, Tsung Yi-Huan, was only 15 when he fell accidentally and died of a head injury. However, his death resulted in saving the lives of two young men. Twenty-one-year-old Wang Pong-Fu was born with a congenital heart disease that when he was only 17. His heart was like that of an 80-year-old and getting worse. Twenty-year-old Wang Lu-Yuan was easily sick as a child and was diagnosed with kidney atrophy. He started kidney dialysis at the age of 11. They were both given a new life when they received their transplants in May 2011.

Adherence to organ donation regulations means donors and recipients are not told of each other's identities. However, they figured out by a miracle in this case. When Yi-Xuan went to a memorial service at the Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, she saw Pong-Fu and instinctively said to him, "Your heart is my son's." They matched their records and confirmed it. Lu-Yuan's mother attended the same service and figured out who the donor was. She found Yi-Xua and said, "My son's kidney is from your son." The two mothers shed tears together. Another coincidence is that the three families live within minutes of drive time.

When Mother's Day came, Pong-Fu and Lu-Yuan came to visit Yi-Xuan, and both Yi-Xuan and her husband, Tsung Qing-Yun, were very touched. Then Yi-Xuan became ill with lung cancer which then progressed into her brain, and the two young men began visiting her regularly. For a year now, they have split up the week so that one comes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and the other takes Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. They help by feeding her and massaging her.

The parents who lost their only child say that although heaven took away their treasured son, it has also given them two other precious sons. They feel grateful that the two young men have been helping them throughout Yi-Xuan's ordeal with frequent hospital visits and constant care. They can only explain this connection as the timeless and inseparable bond between mother and child.