Missing Nine’s Jung Kyung Ho revealed relentless love for SNSD Choi Sooyoung, a girlfriend of five years, and tips for a long-lasting relationship on a March 15 interview. Plus, Jung Kyung Ho is thinking about marriage though there’s no definite plans yet!

One of the long-lasting relationship tips Jung Kyung Ho shared is that he’s careful not to let arguments evolve into fights. “I think men tend to make all the mistakes (in a relationship). As long as I’m careful, there’s nothing to fight about,” he said, adding that Sooyoung and he have never fought!

Secondly, Jung Kyung Ho believes a compliment goes a long way. “Sooyoung compliments me on work and other things. Her compliments make me stronger and help build trust,” the actor said.

On marriage, Jung Kyung Ho said, “I have no plans yet—not because of work. I just like the way things are now. But I should marry.”

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