Jeon Ji Hyun, aka Cheon Song Yi in My Love From Another Star, has been complimented for her youthful face at the age of 32. Why does she look so young with such nice looking skin? A recent South Korean study of women's facial skin sheds some light on what makes the difference.

Previous studies of facial skin have compared women of different age groups. The recent South Korean study instead focuses on women in the same age group to study how their skin ages differently.

In the study titled "Differences in Skin Properties of Korean Women at the Initial Aging Phase," the researchers studied 110 Korean women aged 25 to 35 over a 6-month period each in summer and winter. The women were divided into 7 groups to study aging, wrinkles, and skin's elasticity values. Seasonal differences were the most dominant variables reflected in cheek and forehead areas between the severe aging group and the mild aging group.

The researchers found that in the severe aging group, the mean value ph was lower and the mean value of water content was slightly lower than that of women in the mild aging group. Also, seasonal variation in water content and sebum secretion levels were significantly higher in the severe aging group. The two groups did not have significant difference in use of topic sunscreen. However, cosmetics use was slightly higher in the mild aging group.

In other words, ladies, keep your skin properly moisturized with good cosmetic products to maintain proper ph value and water content. Sounds simple, doesn't it?