Which pigeon would you go to prom with? That is the question that forms the basis of Hatoful Boyfriend, a dating simulation coming to PCs and Macs in the United States later this year, where you are the only human in a school full of pigeons, tasked with romancin’ them all.

Our prayers have been answered.

Here’s the basic premise:

You play a handsome young man who is the latest student as St. PigeoNations Academy, where it is your responsibility to romance one of eight (that’s right, eight!) possible pigeons. The game is a visual novel, meaning you move through the story by reading text and making choices that unlock more text that’s different from the text you would have unlocked had you picked another choice. The format of the visual novel is “dating simulation,” where all your choices revolve around successfully picking the right options to woo that special someone.

In this game, that special someone just happens to be a pigeon that is sometimes presented as a handsome anime dude.

The creators are also having fun with the game, with American publisher Devolver Digital’s CEO Fork Parker claiming, “Our research shows that consumer fatigue for space marines and dragons is at an all-time high. Gamers are ready for something new and fresh."

So, of course, “new and fresh” would mean going on dates with pigeons.

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And as crazy as all this sounds, the really weird part is that this isn’t even the first game of its kind. There’s another one where you date a sheep

…and yet another where you buy your dinosaur girlfriend an ukelele.

Either way, let’s just hope Pigeon-Senpai likes us.

So will you be purchasing this game? And what do you look for in a pigeon before you put on the moves? Sound off in the comments below! And for all your weird gaming needs, be sure to follow Dramafever and myself on Twitter!