This story is for all dog lovers out there, and for those who don't really care much for dogs, this story's for you too. What recently happened in Ecuador between a Swedish long-distance trekking team and a wet, hungry pooch is an amazing tale of love at first sight.

Talk about never knowing how and when a life can change. Michael Lindnord, a member of Team Peak Performance from Sweden, was getting ready with the rest of the team for the remaining legs of a long trek in the Amazon rain forest for the Adventure Racing World Championship in Ecuador when he fed meat from a can to an emaciated stray dog that was hanging around. As Michael and his three team members said their goodbyes to the dog and got on their way, their new friend followed them. Thinking of the dog's well being and safety, Michael and his teammates tried to make him stay behind, but nothing they did could change the pooch's mind, so the decision was made to let him do as he wanted, and a fifth team member was added. For the next 430 miles, the faithful dog, who was named Arthur, followed Michael through the rain forest, swimming alongside the team as they kayaked down rivers, trekking up and down muddy hills, and even sleeping by their side. Team Peak Performance finished the race with their new team member, and Michael, who was the one who fed him when they first met, got him examined by a vet in Ecuador and then took him home to Sweden, where Arthur was introduced to Michael's baby girl as a new member of the family.

Faithfully following someone through 430 miles of grueling terrain? That's love.


Always by their side

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A night swim in the jungle

Some more walking...

Time for a little rest

Sleep time

Meeting people at the vet in Ecuador

Getting a physical after the grueling race

Sweden here I come...

Group photo with the flight crew

Welcome home

Pure Love