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Singer Jang Yoon Jung recently explained how she incurred a large financial loss due to her family. When Jang Yoon Jung appeared on Healing Camp, she said “my little brother not only used up all my money but also gave me debts.” She confessed that the rumors were true about her mother overly investing Jang Yoon Jung’s savings on her son’s business, causing 1000,000,000 won (almost a million USD) of debt. She also said that she had given all her income to her parents to be a good daughter, and only after her parents were going through divorce, she found out that her entire savings were gone.

Responding to her confession, Jang Yoon Jung’s mother and brother said they did use Jang Yoon Jung's money but didn’t cause her any harm. They also added that her financial loss is her own fault.

To this, Jang Yoon Jung said that she won’t add any more comments. It’s believed that because of her upcoming wedding, she doesn’t want to reveal the painful family history any further.