Jessica Jung is taking the high road! Nearly two years after the Jessica & Krystal star parted ways with Girls' Generation, the sexy idol officially returned to the music scene today. The music video for her first single "Fly" was uploaded on Coridel Entertainment's YouTube Channel. In the video, Jessica illustrates that your dreams are attainable if you never give up. She dances her way back into fan's hearts with adorable choreography that has a hint of aeygo. American rapper Fabolous joined the K-Pop goddess on her song by contributing his liberated rap at the end. Watch her empowering video below:

Congratulations to Jessica for embarking on a solo music career! This is definitely a new challenge for the talented singer, who once graced stages with a nine-member girl group. I think her global fandom is highly anticipating a world tour. While we wait for that glorious news, you can enjoy ten full hours of Jessica's interaction with her little sis Krystal Jung of f(x) on the fun reality series Jessica & Krystal. The series gives viewers a glimpse into the glamorous lifestyle idols have and makes you a part of their world. 

What do you think about Jessica's solo debut? 

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Source: Coridel Entertainment's YouTube Channel.