Kevin Woo transforms into a bad boy! This week, the lovable After School Club host made the ultimate K-Pop comeback alongside U-KISS with "Stalker." In the recently released music video, U-KISS puts sexy, yet slightly terrifying, moves on the woman they are obsessed with. The hot stars go criminal as they relentlessly pursue the innocent lady until their vampire existence is revealed. 

The concept has a thriller vibe, and the tune is amazing! 

Check out the chilling music video for yourself:

Also, here is a fan-subbed MV in English for your viewing pleasure.

U-KISS' eleventh mini-album Stalker hit stores today. You can watch Kevin Woo return to his adorable and friendly self on After School Club here on DramaFever. Kevin Woo, 15& member Jimin, and K-Pop fans around the world interview your favorite idols and have an on-screen party every week. Don't miss out on all the fun!

What do you think of Kevin's sinister transformation in this MV? 

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