Kim Joo Hyuk didn't die of a heart attack or side effects of medication. Here's what the autopsy revealed. 

Earlier this week, the National Forensic Service revealed that the Like For Likes actor died because of a cranial fracture he incurred during the crash. They didn't find anything else in his system that could have caused the fatal accident.“We didn’t find any signs of myocardial infarction (heart attack), and our toxicology test only showed a small amount of antihistamine. No traces of alcohol or toxins were detected, and our heart examinations didn’t show any signs of coronary artery damage, abnormal blood vessels, or inflammation," they said.

The National Forensic Service also found his black box under the passenger seat of the vehicle, but it contained no audio. They were determined to recover any saved files to give them clues to what actually caused the accident. The video below is the footage from the black box.

Viewer discretion is advised. 

To date, the reason for his vehicle crash remains a mystery. The Gangnam Police Department will continue to investigate to get closure for the family, but they released this statement about the current status of their investigation: “No further medical examinations will be conducted in the remaining investigation process. Unless we discover any additional evidence or defects in the vehicle, it’s possible that we’ll have to rule the cause of accident as unknown.”

Kim Joo Hyuk passed away on October 30, and his funeral was held on November 2. The result from the vehicle investigation is scheduled to be released later in the month. 

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Sources: Via Via/ Image Credit: Chosun