Kim Min Jae is heartbroken!

The Doctor Romantic actor was recently interviewed about his career in the entertainment industry. Kim, who played Park Eun Tak in Doctor Romantic, is enjoying downtime with his dog Happy, but he misses his DR family terribly. 

"I felt like I broke up with someone when the drama ended. It was so good. Everyone was so nice and everyone put 120% into the drama. I felt weird after the drama," he honestly admitted. "I couldn't see those people I used to see every day. Doctor Romantic will never happen again nor will the people that were there".

Despite his K-drama mourning, the 20 year-old rapper and actor is still staying informed about Korean pop culture, and he looks forward to getting back to work again. "I heard BIGBANG's "The Last Goodbye" when I was in school. It inspired me to do music. I was also shocked by the movie No Mercy, the twists and emotional elements in the movie were shocking to me." 

He added, "I wish I was busy in the future. It's mandatory for me to have fun while I work. I wish I don't get tired of it. I am so happy when I am looking at the script and filming. I am happy watching it. It's a big joy for me".

What is Kim Min Jae up to these days? After playing the King in Goblin, he caught up with his former MBC Music Core co-host Kim Sae Ron. It might be a few years before you can officially start shipping these two, but they are cute together. Last week, the Mirror of the Witch actress shared a selfie they took together on her Instagram.

He also virtually celebrated Valentine's Day with his fandom yesterday by sharing food photos of pizza and dessert via Instagram.

This next question is for all you diehard Kim Min Jae fans out there, What type of project do you hope to see him in this year?  

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