On April 14 of every year, singles in Korea eat jjajangmyeon, or black bean noodles. The day is associated with Valentine's Day and White Day, holidays that come on the 14th of February and March for lovers to exchange sweets.

According to a survey about Black Day by Korean matchmaking company Duo, 400 single Koreans in their 20s through 30s (201 males, 215 females) picked celebrities they want to eat jjajangmeon with. Who's on the list? Take a look!

3. Suzy

Miss A's Suzy ranked third on the list with 14.9% of the votes by the surveyed males. Miss A made a comeback with Only You and will continue to perform with a new song Colors.

2. Kang So Ra

The Doctor Stranger actress Kang So Ra ranked second with 18.4% of the votes. 

1. EXID's Hani

K-pop girl group EXID's lead vocalist Hani received an overwhelming 45.3% of the votes. She's fluent in Chinese and English and has starred in many variety shows.

3. Kang Kyun Sung

14.9% of the surveyed female singles said they'd like to eat jjajangmyeon with Kang Kyun Sung. He's one of the four members of a ballad group Noel and known for his ability to impersonate many singers and famous Koreans.

2. Jeon Hyun Moo

A news reporter-turned-TV host, Jeon Hyun Moo ranked second with 21.4% of the votes. Jeon Hyun Moo and Kang Kyun Sung appeared on Infinity Challenge's most recent Sixth Man: Secret Member episode as candidates for Infinity Challenge's sixth member.

Check out Kang Kyun Sung and Jeon Hyun Moo on Infinity Challenge:

1. Kim Woo Bin

Actor Kim Woo Bin of The Technicians ranked top with 36.8% of the surveyed females' support.

On the meaning of Black Day, 40% of the surveyed females said it's a marketing strategy of the jjajangmyeon restaurants, 30.2% said it's a holiday to mock the singles, and 16.9% said it doesn't mean anything.

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Nom nom nom~ I love a good bowl of jjajangmyeon! 

So do the Answer Me 1994 actress Ko Ah Ra,

the Big Man actor Kang Ji Hwan

and the Couple of Trouble actress Han Ye Seul!

What are your thoughts on Black Day, and have you tried jjajangmyeon yourself? Tell us in the comments below!