Happy birthday, Riho! On January 12, 2016, actress Son Tae Young shared adorable photos of her family with fans. In the photos, she and husband Kwon Sang Woo celebrated Riho’s first birthday. 

We’re in love Riho’s plump cheeks, and apparently the parents are too. Who wouldn’t want to give kisses to this beautiful little one?

Rookie (the nickname for Ruk Hee), who turns seven in February, looks happy and grateful for his sister. He already knows how to hold her securely like a good older brother! 

By the way, Rookie is starting to look more like his dad, isn’t he?

Along with the photos, Son Tae Young thanked the fans for their birthday wishes.

“We celebrated Riho’s first birthday on January 10. Many have told us that they’d like to see Riho’s face, and we’re happy to share with you the photos from her first birthday. Thank you for all the birthday wishes. With your blessings, the four of us will continue to stay happy and well,” Son Tae Young wrote.

This is how Riho looked when she was two months old.

The Kwon family is by far one of the cutest Korean celebrity families. With parents as glamorous as Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young, we can only imagine how Rookie and Riho will turn out when they grow older.

Congratulations again to the Kwon family!

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