Lee Joon Ki and his costar Lee Yoo Bi were both injured in a recent fall on the set of the upcoming drama Scholar Who Walks the Night on June 10, but Lee Joon Ki has decided to return to filming on June 18th, only a week after surgery.

Lee Joon Ki fractured his nose and had to undergo nose surgery, and Lee Yoo Bi fell on her back, which resulted in a herniated lumbar disk requiring hospitalization. 

Originally Lee Yoo Bi was recommended to rest for 2-3 weeks but decided to return to the set after a few days. Luckily she is not yet back to filming, which I think we can all agree is for the best. Her agency's representative stated, “Lee Yoo Bi is still hospitalized. We need to watch over her progress and recovery for a little longer.”

Scholar Who Walks the Night is set to air in July following the conclusion of Jeju Island Gatsby. Due to licensing restrictions, it will air on DramaFever with a two-week delay.

 We wish both actors a speedy recovery!