The Gu Family Book costars Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy will lead the spy action drama ‘Vagabond.’ This new SBS drama has added Seung Gi as a stuntman named Cha Gun, and the Uncontrollably Fond actress Suzy as a character named Go Hye Ri, who’s a black agent from the National Intelligence Service. This is their first time leading together after the 2013 historical fantasy ‘Gu Family Book.’ 'Vagabond' cast also includes actor Shin Sung Rok, who’ll take up the role of Ki Tae Woong, a team leader from the National Intelligence Service.

Giant’s Jang Young Chul and Jung Kyung Soon wrote the screenplay for this drama, in which the vagabonds unravel a corruption scandal after a plane crash. Doctor Romantic‘s Yoo In Shik returns to direct ‘Vagabond,’ which would mark his fourth time collaborating with the scriptwriter duo since Giant, ‘History of the Salaryman,’ and Incarnation of Money.

‘Vagabond’ will be produced on budget of up to $25 million. Here’s what the production company

Celltrion Entertainment had to say about this upcoming drama: “With the actors, director, scriptwriters, and producers working hand-in-hand, we will make a high quality, ‘classic’ drama that hasn’t been seen in recent years. We will touch people’s hearts with detailed acting, directing, and writing that doesn’t leave out anything, from espionage and action, to unexpected twists and thrilling moments, to melodrama and humor.”

Celltrion Entertainment will release ‘Vagabond’ later this year in the fall or winter.

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