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Drama Debussie: Ladies, I don’t know about you but this show makes me what to drink AND eat solo. I expected the alcohol porn but food porn as well?! These characters sell the idea of drinking alone so well. Plus, if you’re an introvert, this is an activity that is right up your alley. Although, I would highly suggest you find a nicer way to tell your friends and coworkers that you would rather drink alone. While he has mastered the art of drinking solo, our main character Jin Jung Suk has not mastered the art of not offending people.

Wendilynn: He’s been betrayed so well that I don’t think he cares if he offends anyone or not. He’s good at his job and it doesn’t require sucking up to anyone else to rise to the top. You are right that if you are an introvert, this show will be right up your alley. Even though I don’t use alcohol as my relaxing agent, I totally appreciated every single character and the rough spot they are in that leads them to drink solo.

DeShonda: I did not expect the food porn as well. Jin Jung Suk makes drinking and eating solo look like art. I am an introvert, so yes indeed this is right up my alley. I was wondering why he enjoys drinking solo and I really like his reasons for doing so. He can come off as a snob and he should be nicer to his co workers I agree. He has this “I’m Better Than You” attitude that can rub people the wrong way. I thought Park Ha Na had something on him when she was investigating his background, but it turned out to be not much of a big deal.

Drama Debussie: TOTAL SNOB! So much so that it makes me wonder how this show is going to redeem him. From the very beginning his elitist attitude screamed through the screen and it’s so unattractive, even though he’s very attractive himself. The problem is a pretty face doesn’t mask the fact that you’re a jerk. Honestly, I was hoping Park Ha Na actually did catch him in a lie so that he could be knocked off that high horse, but if she did we may not have had a show. I do appreciate that now that he’ll be around a little longer, they’ll have no choice but to realize that while they deal with people differently, they share the same solo drinking habits and reasons.. I’m already ready for them finally start drinking together. Uh-oh. Am I getting ahead of myself here?

DeShonda: You are so very correct. Jin Jung Suk is very attractive, but he needs an attitude adjustment. I have a feeling that he will get a reality check in future episodes and I am looking forward to it. I am so ready for them to start drinking together as well. I wonder how Jin Jung Suk will fit in with the rest of them when that happens. His drinking habits are so different from his co workers. Park Ha Na and the rest of the co workers seem to have a lot of fun when they drink together and Jin Jung Suk is not that type at all. I am waiting for him to loosen up a bit when he does drink with everyone else.

Drama Debussie: His drinking habits are definitely different that’s for sure. He looks at drinking as his escape from people and their tactics to manipulate others. It makes me think him drinking with his co workers is already a bad idea and it hasn’t even happened yet! He’s obsessed with keeping his alcohol levels at a certain level in order not to get drunk but everyone knows the more people around you, the more likely you are to have a higher alcohol level. That’s just simple math Although I do look forward to it happening because the way the co workers take advantage of Ha Na is so frustrating! She needs a third party to finally say, “Hey, this is not okay!” and Jung Suk would be the perfect person to do so. Something tells me he would do it willingly.

Wendilynn: This is a part of Korean society that shows up in a lot of dramas that is not attractive at all. And it makes it understandable why they are just exhausted at the end of the day and want everyone to leave them the flip alone. Maybe this is why Soju is only $1 so that people can numb themselves from the depression such an environment causes.

DeShonda: I am so glad you mentioned the way Park Ha Na’s co workers are treating her. That is very frustrating to me. They are literally throwing her under the bus left and right. I want her to stand up for herself so badly. I hope that she does finally put her foot down and say enough is enough. I appreciate the fact that Jin Jung Suk is conscious about his blood alcohol level and he does not want it to get dangerously high. That is a pretty handy app he has on his phone I must say. But when he gets around his coworkers, he will let his guard down a bit more. I appreciate the bit of the backstory we saw about him as well. I want to more about the characters because they all are interesting to me. What do you ladies think is the issue with “Mr. Song Joong Ki?” Just Yewhen the party is getting good, his alarm goes off and he has to run home to his wife. She must not like him staying out late drinking with his co workers, which I can understand. But I think there maybe something more going on with him than he is letting on.

Drama Debussie: Good question. He’s kinda like the comedy relief right now so it could be some silly reason or this show could surprise us with a deep emotional reason. The only reason people hide things is when they are scared of being judged and considering he consistently does impressions of fictional characters in the office, something tells me he doesn’t mind sharing the silly secrets so I’m tempted to lean toward the latter. Speaking of impressions, one thing I love about this show is all the references to tv, film, and webtoons. It started with Min Jin Woong aka Mr. Song Joong Ki but it continued with Ki Bum. I have to say I’m already in love with Ki Bum for the simple fact he’s always a sentence away from a quote or that little song he hums. I would say we could make a drinking game with this show by drinking something everytime he makes an obscure reference but that may turn into a big problem.

Wendilynn: Min Jin Woong pretending to be Song Joong Ki is so funny. I’m glad to see him again, I loved him as Adorable Bodyguard in Yong Pal. Key also made a DOTS reference and considering his Hyung is in it, made me laugh rather hard at that scene. I also think it's funny that they are using his real name as his character name. As a shawol, I didn’t mind the shower scene either. As for that drinking game, I imagine you could make several of them from this show. I almost went and got something to drink so I could drink with them.

DeShonda: Yes I totally agree! I love that Min Jin Woong brings that comic relief, but I must admit, I love Ki Bum as well. I am happy that I was not the only notice the media references as well and I hope this drama continues to bring more of that. I am all for the Ki Bum drinking game. I would be tipsy within the first ten minutes of the episode.

Drama Debussie: So tipsy! To be fair, we would be matching the mood of this show if that were the case. Man, who knew the civil servant exam was so stressful in Korea! These young adults are in their early twenties and are already needing to recharge with a drink at the end of the day. I’m glad Ki Bum has managed to find a way to deal with the disappointment of failing the test year after year. I would say his idea that the test should be looked at as a marathon is silly but he may be onto something. It doesn’t sound like it’s designed to be passed on your first try. Poor kids.

Wendilynn: I wonder if that’s part of the shows appeal? So that viewers can sit and drink with them as they unwind from their day watching a character do what they may be also doing?

DeShonda: That Civil Servant Test is very stressful. It reminds me of some of the tests I had to take when I was in college. But the test does seem very difficult that it make these young students drink. I also like the way that Ki Bum is dealing with failing the test again and again. However, I was sad that the other student was not handling his failure of the test so well. He seemed to have a caring girlfriend at first. And I thought his relationship would stand the test of time, but it all fell apart. I think she is making a big mistake by not sticking by his side. A studious man is a good thing in my opinion. But he had to choose his girlfriend or school. And as an educator, school will always come first.

Drama Debussie: Plus, because school will always come first (I mean, he’s come so far!), it was unfair to keep dating her knowing marriage was just not possible anytime soon. Their breakup was a heartbreaker and mainly because you knew the reasons behind it were everything else. There was no lack of love. There was just an overwhelming sense that they wanted different things.

DeShonda: Absolutely there was a lack of love between the couple. And he should broken up with her long ago. I know he is very sad about the state of his relationship, but maybe now he will concentrate even more on his studies and not worry about her. I did like the way she was very caring of him in the relationship.

Wendilynn: Well, their lives were now in different stages and that can be hard to keep a relationship going. That text proved she was getting pressure to get married. And that couldn’t be on his horizon for awhile. I love that he was a gentleman about it. He truly loved her and so let her go sweetly and she loved him and made sure he had his favorite food to cry into. I mean, it was just sweet between those two, as a long time relationship that is still good should.

Drama Debussie: I’m hoping they’ll find their way back to each other. For a show that we assume is just about drinking alone, I can already tell they plan on touching on some truly gut wrenching aspects of growing. One of those aspects seems to be loneliness and the way we build walls within ourselves. I’m absolutely fascinated by the fact that Jung Suk is now expected to live with his little brother, Gong Myung. Jung Suk has alienated himself from the human race so well and now he has to live with his brother who seems to be the complete opposite of himself. Gong Myung is almost the male version Ha Na! Oh. Oh this will be good.

DeShonda: I was so surprised when we discovered Jin Jung Suk and Gong Myung were brothers. I was not expecting that at all. They are complete opposites and I am looking forward at how the living arrangements between them are going to work out. I agree that Gong Myung has the same personality as Ha Na.

Wendilynn: That will shake up his quiet little world. Especially with Gong Myung in line to like Ha Na if that little scene at the bus stop was any foreshadowing. I’m really fascinated to see how they broach everyone’s walls. They are all very lonely people and perhaps this show will help them all not be lonely anymore? Or...to at least see the future as something potentially bright.

Drama Debussie: We can only hope. It’s easy to forget that while we struggle to get over whatever huddles we come across, the process can be a lonely one. You can only do so much on your own. You need support from other people to make you understand that you are more than what school you attended or your failures. Here’s hoping these characters find a way to become that support for each other. You know, with the food and drink. Because that’s very important.

DeShonda: I am hoping that these characters will come together and support each other as well. I can only hope in this series they realize that you need to be around others for companionship. Being lonely all the time can be no fun and we all need someone to talk to when times get tough.

Wendilynn: I think I’m thirsty now. Lol You know, for all the depression of these characters, there was something gentle and calming about them too. For all the pettiness and pain they deal with, they also have moments of calm and peace. I think I’m going to enjoy seeing these characters find hope in their lives. 


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