Finally, episode 13 of Let's Fight Ghost is out. Will Hyun Ji finally remember Bong Pal now that she's seen a ghost or will that only work against our couple? Let's find out together.


 After Hyun Ji screams for Bong Pal's help, he comes running to the rescue, fighting the ghost that was attacking her. It takes a few punches to make the evil spirit disappear, but the fright has caused Hyun Jin to pass out. Bong Pal has to cry out for help to get her to her room and make sure she's okay. Hyun Ji's mother is far from pleased to see him around, not trusting him at all.



Monk Myung Chul doesn't die when he runs into Professor Creepy, but this one tries to threaten and intimidate him so the monk won't get too close unless he wants to die. But the monk isn't the only one on the Professor's tail, the detectives keep suspecting him and are joining the dots, although they haven't gotten anything certain just yet.

Chun Sang and Il Rang go to the police for help, but there isn't much they can do so it's up to them to find evidence to re-open the case. On the other hand. Monk Myung Chul is drinking so later, after making sure Hyun Ji is fine and her mother basically kicks Bong Pal out, the student runs into the monk and takes him home. The monk keeps apologising to Bong Pal in his sleep.

When Hyun Ji wakes up, she looks around for Bong Pal but he isn't there and it's clear her mother doesn't like the boy, Hyun Ji asks her not to be mean to him.


Bong Pal is researching on amnesia when he texts her to know if she's okay. They continue texting and being all cute until her mother finds out and tells her to go to sleep. However, once the mother falls asleep she is texting Bong Pal again and they are all smiles and cuteness. He promises to go see her when she is discharged. And he really goes, even stopping to buy her a cute necklace. But once in the hospital, Bong Pal runs into Hyun Ji's mother who asks him to stay away from her because something bad happens to Hyun Ji when he's around. Bong Pal actually listens and doesn't show up.

Professor Creepy does show up and he's asked to become her therapist, even giving the ladies a ride back home. I hate how Hyun Ji's mother is so smitten with he professor and is so mean to Bong Pal. If she only knew!

When Bong Pal goes back home, Monk Myung Chul is leaving and comments that perhaps it's better if Hyun Ji doesn't remember. That would allow her to lead a normal human life; even if that's hard for Bong Pal, it would be the best for her. Bong Pal knows it, for so long he's wanted to stop seeing ghosts and just be normal. We can see how his hear breaks in that moment but at the same time, he makes the decision.



Hyun Ji is out and Bong Pal is now basically ignoring her, keeping his distance and letting go of her hand, as the monk advised him to do. But Hyun Ji is sitting in for a lesson of the professor who is all smiles and puppy eyes with her (I gag, I swear). Yet Hyun Ji is distracted when sunbae Seo Yeon shows up and sits next to Bong Pal, taking the place she wanted to sit at. their closeness doesn't sit well with out Hyun Ji.

Later Professor Creepy asks Hyun Ji to eat but she made other plans. Seo Yeon intercepts him before he leaves and confesses to him, but he rejects her flatly.


In her rejected state, Seo Yeon only wants to drink so when Bong Pal runs into her, he accompanies her. He's the perfect gentleman and even tries to stop her from getting even more drunk. During that time, Hyun Ji has met with friends and is having a great time, but she is also annoyed that Bong Pal ignored her like that so she calls him after buying some medicine for him. Seo Yeon picks up and uh-oh, that spells misunderstanding.

But Hyun Ji isn't your typical lead and instead of assuming anything, she goes to the bar to get her man back and drags him out of there. Outside, she rants how it annoys her how he is hanging around another woman and Bong Pal is just too happy and can't contain himself so he ends up kissing her. Once again, she isn't your regular female lead and she hits him hard for kissing her without her consent. 



Even after being wounded, Bong Pal follows Hyun Ji and she isn't just that angry, she's more surprised, yet she still takes revenge when she applies the ointment on his cut. When he walks her home, Bong Pal asks if they are dating now and she doesn't say no but gives a vague answer. However, they totally look like they are dating and are the cutest.

During this time, Hyun Ji saw another ghost that noticed her and followed her home. There, she gives Hyun Ji the scare of her life and the girl runs away, calling for Bong Pal immediately. Lurking around, however, there's Professor Creepy which makes me incredibly more unease than any ghost.

Bong Pal runs to Hyun Ji who cries because she can see ghosts and she's scared, not knowing what she'll do now. He realises she won't be able to lead a normal life even if she doesn't remember. Bong Pal promises to always protect her and comforts her while the professor creepily stares at them from afar.



Gosh! The professor keeps getting creepier and creepier and I can't wait to see him getting what he deserves. I hope anyone, either the Monk of Bong Pal, even better, Hyun Ji, kills the evil spirit inside him. But it won't be easy, the preview shows us a lot of trouble ahead so I'm scared. What about you? What do you think is going to happen? We have to wait just a bit more for the next episode.

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