The South Korean city of Busan welcomed some very important visitors from Taiwan recently. Romance comedy Marry Me or Not? became the first Taiwanese drama to film in Busan, the second-largest city in South Korea. Take a look at some behind-the-scenes photos from Roy Chiu and Alice Ke. At the time of filming, the dueling on-screen couple was more worried about a local crisis.

South Korea was mired in the MERS crisis this summer when shooting was in progress for Marry Me or Not?. The production team decided that Busan was pretty safe compared to Seoul, and it cut out the scenes among the crowds at Incheon airport. The team also brought over 300 masks, medical-grade alcohol, thermometers, and personal eating utensils.

Here's Roy's selfie:

(Guess who Roy found at the airport!)

Can you tell this is Alice Ke?


Luckily, neither MERS nor jet lag decreased any of the chemistry between  Roy Chiu and Alice Ke. The popular couple from Office Girls continued their on-air sparks effortlessly. 

The city of Busan was very happy to have the opportunity to host  Marry Me or Not?, as it hopes to increase tourism from Taiwan and other countries. Already many international tourists visit South Korea thanks to the draw of popular Korean dramas and Hallyu stars such as Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun. 

According to koreabizwire, Busan city officials participated in the script writing and will develop new wedding tour packages. Viewers will see Roy Chiu and Alice Ke visiting famous tourist sites such as Gamcheon Culture Village, Gwangalli beach, the famous secondhand bookstores of Bosu-dong, BiFF Square, Jukseong Catholic Church in Gijang, and Busan Tower

Watch  Marry Me or Not? here:

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