On screen, Zhang Ruo Yun plays the eccentric forensic expert who solves unusual cases in mystery drama Medical Examiner Dr. Qin. But did you know the talented and handsome actor also wrote the lyrics and sang the theme song? Even if you're not into crime mysteries, you should watch the MV and listen to the impressive song.

Composed and arranged by Huang Yang, the theme song, titled "Immortal," is unique because it's not about romance at all, unlike most other dramas even in the same genre.

In case you may be disturbed by some of the scenes, here is a clip with only the lyrics displayed. Scroll down for the English translation.

(The translation is my version, not an official translation from the songwriters.)

不滅 (不灭) - Immortal 

燈光照著你的眼簾 - Light shining upon your eyes

空氣中瀰漫這威脅 - The air is filled with the threat

遺憾謊言傳言欺騙 - Regretful lies and rumors deceive

故事暗藏深淵 - An abyss is hidden in the story 

停下腳步下雨的街 - Stopping in the street under the rain

紅是鮮血綠是枯竭 - Red is blood, green is exhaustion

黃燈徹夜閃我不眠 - Flickering yellow keeps me awake all night

遊戲無法破解 - A game without solution

不安的跳動間 - Among uneasy jumps and moves

安息卻不能眠 - An eternal rest without sleep

歷歷浮現 - Scenes flashing by

悲喜將他的唇齒打成了死結 - His lips and teeth are permanently knotted by joy and sorrow

笑旁人冷眼 - Laughing at uncaring bystanders

人心不能擱淺 - Conscience cannot be stranded

蒼天日月可見 - Heaven and earth can be seen by the naked eye

正邪我來分辨 - I'll discern justice and evil

吹著口琴 - Blowing the harmonica

橫對冷眼出沒黑夜如魔如煙 - Coldly face the dark demonic smokey night

鬼手起舞喚佛心不滅 - Ghostly hands beckon but the Buddha's heart stays immortal

(Repeat from the start, then repeat the last 5 lines.)

Here is a YouTube MV showing scenes from the drama. The song is apparently excerpted without the repeats.

The song is moody, poignant, but also carries an uplifting message with a spiritual reference.

The performance is accompanied by the Chinese National Symphony Orchestra.

Medical Examiner Dr. Qin has only 20 episodes and each episode is under 40 minutes. When you watch the unusual crime mystery, don't forget to stay for the credits because that's when you can hear the song sung by the charismatic Zhang Ruo Yun

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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin - 法医秦明

Starring Zhang Ruo Yun and Jiao Jun Yan

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Readers have often expressed the wish that DramaFever would sub the theme songs. Since I am bilingual in Chinese, hopefully my translation here will help give you a better idea of how the theme song(s) complement the story.

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