Aseudal Chronicles is going to be a hit drama. We know it already. Today, Song Joong Ki, Jang Dong Geun, Kim Ji Won confirmed to star in Aseudal Chronicles, a tvN drama that premieres sometime in 2019.

Aseudal Chronicles is a historical fantasy drama written by the screenwriter behind hit historicals like Queen Seondeok, Tree With Deep Roots (starring Song Joong Ki), and Six Flying Dragons. Prolific director Kim Won Suk of Misaeng, Signal, and My Mister will be the mastermind behind Aseudal Chronicles.

In Aseudal Chronicles, Song Joong Ki plays Eunsum from the disastrous blue planet. His mother loses her life to save Eunsum, and he grows to become a threat to the Aseudal Empire.

Tagon (Jang Dong Gun) is a war hero who contributes to the civilization of the Aseudal Empire. He gradually rises to top of the chain of command, and dreams of crowning himself an emperor.

Lastly, Kim Ji Won plays Tanya from the Wahan tribe. This perceptive woman realizes her destiny thats’ been pre-planned for hundreds of years, and becomes the first female politician in the Aseudal Empire. And, as you can imagine, she’s the love interest of both Eunsum and Tagon.

This is great news for those of you Song Song couple fans, since Song Hye Kyo joined the cast of Boyfriend which premieres in December.

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