There’s a saying in Korea: “Suzy is pretty no matter what she does.” When Koreans, who generally have very high beauty standards, praise Suzy, they don't mean it lightly.Miss A Suzy walked back in history wearing gorgeous hanbok in a recent photo shoot with fashion magazine 1st Look.

“A once fresh-looking girl’s face now looks delicate and poised” is how 1st Look described Suzy’s beauty on the cover story.

The cover story titled "Flowering" shared nine photos of Suzy in flower-embroidered hanbok dresses, which are traditional Korean garments. All of Suzy's dresses were made in fine and soft fabrics like silk and lace by designers who specialize in hanbok.

The photo shoot of Suzy in hanbok that made her a Korean goddess follows the actresss's recent filming of historical period film The Sound of a Flower (Korean title: Dorihwaga), in which Suzy plays a female pansori singer. Suzy said in the interview with 1st Look that learning pansori, the Korean traditional way of singing, was a happy challenge for her as an idol singer. 

"[Pansori] was unfamiliar and difficult. I felt obligated to sing it well because I'm a singer," Suzy said. "The way you produce sound in pansori is so different from pop. I had no other way around but to practice it hard. Now I'm in love with pansori to the point I want to continue learning it. I am so glad I was exposed to it and learned pansori through [The Sound of a Flower]." 

Scroll down to see photos of Miss A Suzy posing as a Korean goddess!

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What do you think of Suzy's Flowering cover story? I think she's gorgeous; No wonder Lee Min Ho is so in love with her!

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Source: 1st Look. Photo credits as referenced or watermarked.