DramaFever is very pleased to announce the addition of two exciting Japanese dramas to its collection of J-drama offerings. Let's find out more about the comedic Wise and Foolish and thrilling Black Leather Notebook.

1. Black Leather Notebook - starts October 5

A temp bank worker embezzles money from illegal accounts to open up her own club. With dangerous criminals now watching her every move, the party's just getting started.

Also known as “Kurokawa no Techo,” the 2017 drama is based on the famous novel of the same name by Seicho Matsumoto.

Takei Emi (A Clinic on the Sea, The Perfect Insider) stars as the independent woman who seeks to define her own future.

Here's a short trailer for the 8-episode thriller.

2. Wise and Foolish - starts October 12

The prime minister of Japan switches bodies with his slacker university student son. This wise politician is about to look a little foolish.

The comedic drama with a fantasy touch stars Endo Kenichi (Hope, Doctor-X) as the prime minister who is respected as an astute and savvy politician. That is, until his body is somehow taken over by his womanizing loser son, played by Suda Masaki (Pretty Proofreader, Princess Jellyfish). It's going to be a hilarious journey for the father and son to get to know each other.

Also known as “Prime Minister,” Wise and Foolish is based on the novel "Tamiou" by Jun Ikeido. The 2015-drama won Excellence Award in the Tokyo Drama Awards 2016.

Watch Trailer 1 and Trailer 2 for the 10-episode series. (Sorry, they are not subbed in English.)

Both of these J-dramas appear to be just the perfect escapes from daily routines. Now is the time to add them to your watchlist for first notification!

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