Last week we were faked out with two great episodes that felt like it could all be over. Thankfully, we've got the last two episodes airing this week.  Were these episodes really setting up the final problems our couples would face?  Join Taleena, Aunnie, Firnlambe, and me, Wendilynn, as we discuss these two episodes of Oh My Venus to see if we can predict where the last two episodes can possibly go. 

Watch episode 13:

Aunnie: so, I think we can all agree that these last two episodes feel like finale episodes so . . . Let’s theorize on what could possibly go wrong in the next two episodes. Let’s vote!

  1. Hard Candy collapsing due to malnourishment
  2. Korean Snake’s Mama finding out she has cancer
  3. Grandma Cold-As-Ice offers ungodly amount of money to get rid of Joo Eun.

It really bothered me that when Young Ho finally went back home and they embraced him like they were capable of actual emotions. Have I mentioned that I am hoping she passes away in this series???


Firnlambe: I personally don’t care what happens to the family. Though I do agree that these episodes really did feel like a finale of sorts, but I was extremely please with how they did the time jump sequence. Was anyone else tossed for a loop that they were in 2014 this entire time? Cuz I missed that memo.

Taleena: Oooh! Predictions! the 2014 thing totally didn’t bother me. Considering the other drama I am watching is set in the 1300’s? 2014 doesn’t seem weird. OK, Grandma is going to die. Right? I wasn’t the only one thinking that she died after Young Ho got back right? I thought she for sure died in her sleep. AND I think both Hard Candy and Joo Eun are going to have a health crisis. She stopped regularly taking her meds and HC took too many. Also, I think that Young Ho’s Dad is going to maybe die. I feel death is imminent.


Wendilynn: Both Grandma and his Dad are both sick from comments and scenes we’ve seen. Frankly, it bothered me to see Grandma all lovey dovey toward her grandson and to see him loving her back after the selfish witch she’s been all series. I realize even awful people have people they love and that love them but ugh. I really don’t like Grandma. I just remember getting to the end of 13 and 14 and feeling like we’ve had our series final episodes. I was so confused. These episodes are AMAZING if you make them the last episodes. As the next to ending episodes they are awkward. Where in the hell are they going to go?!!

Taleena: I’ll tell you: DEATH baby! Someone is going to die, and why do you ask? Because Young Ho’s big hang up is letting anyone see him weak. Death of his dad or grandma will allow him to be weak in a way that gets him over that hang up without killing the Happily Ever After vibe of the show. Since Kdrama-ers are a bloodthirsty lot (*cough* Firnlambe *cough cough* F: //evil smirk//), we are completely cool with Granny dying.

Wendilynn: Death of his grandmother would also give him the rest of the family shares and he’d be de facto owner of the company at that point. I really hope they allow him to fix his family and bring little brother and mom back to the fold. I will be sort of resentful if they don’t reward mom for 20 years of loving...LOVING... service to the family and to be a recognized member of it.

Taleena: Mom is amazing. I really liked the scene of her confronting her brother in the hospital. Mom was totally a realist, she knew what she was getting into with that marriage: a horrible mother in law, an emotionally distant husband who was still in love with his dead wife, and a step-son who was closed off and whose health was tenuous. She made the best of a hard situation. Reading between the lines, the siblings didn’t have anything. She saw a chance at the brass ring and never complained but counted her blessings.

Wendilynn: That’s the way I read it too. She had a husband who didn’t physically cheat on her. She had a woman she got to treat as a mother when they had lost theirs. She was able to have a child to love. In many ways, she had her head on the straightest of any character.


Taleena: Was her brother right? DId she deserve more? Absolutely. BUT I want to believe that Young Ho and Dad would have been more generous as soon as the Old Bag, I mean Granny, shuffled off the mortal coil. Some things just have to be done in the correct timing.

Aunnie: I got the feeling that something is going on with Joo Eun because she called her friend and said “What do I do?” but then the the feeling went away as the episode progressed. It just seemed weird that she’d ask what to do after he came back. But then again, I’m just hoping there's drama, and a lot of it . . .

Firnlambe: lol you and your melodrama needs


Wendilynn: She called her friend because she couldn’t cope with all her feelings that she’s been bravely holding back as she waited for her lover to return. She’s had an emotional year.

Taleena: Let’s do a little run down: Joo Eun has a thyroid condition. Doesn’t thyroid mess with emotional regulation? And she was weepy all through the year. Maybe it’s because of my cold, cold heart but I can’t imagine being super weepy for a whole year. Speaking of weepy, I was a tiny bit teary when Young Ho got choked up peeling the band aid off the hospital door.

Firnlambe: I don't know . . . I think I was more choked up watching Henry break down when Young Ho was injured. Something about that type of character being an emotional wreck just pulls at my heartstrings.


Aunnie: Well, I could go into an explanation but I won’t bore you with the medical details--yes, bad things can happen if you get off those kinds of meds but I didn’t see where she said she got off her meds. I will tell you what I DID see, anyone sense feelings between Joo Eun’s friend her and her ex-husband? It is probably just mutual affection over their son, but it was still sweet . . .

Taleena: Meh. Ever since that actress had a role in Greatest Marriage I have had a hard time liking her. I am sure she is a super nice lady but she is approaching Park Si Yeon levels of character skepticism.


Wendilynn: She’s had a few playful characters since then so I’m not holding that awful role against her. lol

Aunnie: Anyone else think SJS did an amazing job at looking temporarily disabled? I think he did a wonderful job while acting out his physical therapy scenes.


Firnlambe: I thought SJS did an amazing job. He was totally believable in acting out the frustration of his character.

Wendilynn: Yup, he totally sold it. I had no problem believing he had a leg that didn’t work right. the atrophied muscles were a bit of a stretch to buy since he was in such good shape, I was willing to believe that he didn’t suffer as much there. lol

Taleena: You want to know what was amazing? Min’s sparkly jacket. That and MY WAY in four keys in one go? Is it bad that was one of my biggest takeaways from episode 14? That and the ongoing tally of SJS’s perfections - he knits.


Aunnie: I thought he looked positively sharp in that jacket. I loved it. His singing . . .that was . . . Something else. Hahahaha. I was a little sad Henry didn’t sing but then he had a scene with his violin and I was appeased.

Wendilynn: I loved the iridescent jacket color. You can only sing that bad on purpose. lol


Firnlambe: OMG, I just about died watching Min finally come on screen . . . It really shows how much his character loves Young Ho, cuz you know he wouldn't show up like that for anyone else.

Wendilynn: This group is truly a loving group of friends who have made themselves into a family. There is such a closeness between them that you can easily see them being this goofy together and it being okay.  

So did you do like we did and check the series info to make sure that there were really going to be two more episodes?  What were your favorite parts of this very warm reunion with our friends and lovers?  Tell us in the comments below? 

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