onew Known for his clean image, fans were surprised to see that SHINee's Onew was on the chopping block for an offensive gesture that was captured during a filmed radio show. During a recent recording for Younha's Starry Night, before SHINee members were even introduced as the guests, a still-cut during the broadcast showed a mysterious hand with its middle finger soaring up, making viewers rather uncomfortable. Netizens commented that the print on the sleeve and Onew's outerwear matched, leading them to conclude that it was Onew's hand. Netizens criticized that such an offensive gesture during a broadcast, even if it was a visual radio show, was a careless move on Onew's part. There were many fans who were also disappointed and shocked to see an idol with such a clean image to act this way. Since the broadcast, Onew has come clean and apologized for his behavior. He said, "The problematic picture was taken before the actual broadcasting while fooling around with fellow members," and also added that he is deeply apologetic for his actions and will do his best to take precaution in repeating such acts. What do you think about Onew's actions? (Source: