With its undeniable chemistry and subtle passion, the "toast kiss" recently shared between Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk in Pinocchio will forever have a place in the K-drama kiss hall of fame. At a press conference held at the SBS building in Mokdong, the two actors shared their thoughts on the making of this moment. 

Here it is in all its glory: 

It seems that while the two actors were filming the scene, they had no idea just how sexy it would turn out. Park Shin Hye admitted, “I didn’t have much emotion when I was filming it, but it looked kind of sexy when it came out on television. It was to the point that I wondered, 'Did we really film that scene?' as I was watching it.” Lee Jong Suk confirmed it by saying, “That scene was an imaginary scene, but I never imagined that it would grab so much attention. At first I was rather composed when I was filming it, but the director wanted us to film it with the feeling of romance, and to also make it feel sweet, so that's what I did.”

Park Shin Hye added, “That was the first scene we filmed in the morning, and I wasn’t totally awake. I also filmed it with a calm mind at first, but the director then said ‘Haven’t you two ever dated? I don't see any sweetness here’ so that's how the scene was completed.”

However the scene was created, in the end the couple totally nailed it! Park Shin Hye has never had so much chemistry with a leading actor as she does with Lee Jong Suk, and if this is what a fake kiss looks like, I can't wait to see a real kiss between them! 

Are you watching Pinocchio? What do you think of the chemistry between Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk? Comment below! 

If you haven't seen the full episode with the toast kiss, you can watch it below!